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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 80. 1915. 901 pay members of the board of s1n·vey provided for therein, other than the inslpector of buildings, at a. compensation of not to exceed $10 for eac survey, and to pay the cost of making safe or remo such buildings upon the refusal or neglect of the owners so to do, tge un- expended balance of the appropriation made for this purpose for the i fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen is reappropriated for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and sixteen. _ For erection of suitable tablets to mark historical places in the §.,1§l§§‘,$,‘}},°,2l°{§,E{‘ District of Columbia, to be expended imder the direction of the Joint Committee on the Library, not exceeding the sum of $500 of the unexpended balances of the appropriations made for this purpose by the Acts of June twenty-seventh, nineteen hundred and six, and ‘*""·p‘5”‘ subse uent District of Co umbia appropriation Acts, is continued available for the Hscaxear nineteen undred and sixteen. _ _ Oilice o ter of ls: For furnishing to the office of the assessor ,,§'Q,{’f‘” °"""‘ ‘°“‘ copies of , petitions, and all necessary papers wherein title to real estate is involved, $900. · For the further equipment of the office of register of wills with w§`lS°°°,‘;?§,$"°‘l’*'“ metal file cases for the protection of the wills and records tiled therein, $4,500. For purchase of enamel metal or other metal identification number v°M°*°°¤¤- t for horse—drawn vehicles used for business purposes and motor vieficles in the District of Columbia, $1,350. R _ i _ For repair of buildings owned and used by the District of Columbia, ;¤a.§Z,}’°" ug °'° “‘ when in]ured by fire, the unexpended balance of the alptpropriation of $10,000 appropriated for the fiscal year nineteen hun ed and ten is reappropriate and continued available dining the fiscal year nineteen hundred and sixteen. S _ old _ For making surveys to obtain accurate data with reference to old vsi$Yying mbdi subdivisions, $2,500. · Mmm _ For maintenance and repairs to markets, $2,900. F ”’;°'”‘ For maintenance and repair of fish wharf and market, $500. 1;* wm" ’°°°‘ For a new roof at Eastern Market, $2,000. 1___ lim ";”;k°t‘ For constructing market buildings on the site of the present munici- NEW iiiiai¤i;?i°' pal fish wharf and market, inclu ing refrigerating and cold-storage lant, which shall be equipped for the accommodation of such retail business as ma obtain at t at point and shall serve as the wholesale receiving and distributing {point for marine and other products to be retailed elsewhere in the istrict, within a limit of cost of $185,000 which is hereby fixed, $125,000. IMPROVEMENTS AND REPAIRS. ..{.E.“.?;°"“‘°“" ‘"° Assnssnnm: AND PERMIT w0RK: For assessment and permit work, mil°€4°€T°m°°° P"` $220,000. Wonx ON srnnnrs AND AVENUESZ For work on streets and ave- v§’,gg_°”°°’°°’#¤ ¤¤¤ nues named in Appendix M, Book of Estimates, nineteen hundred and sixteen, $110,700, to be expended in the discretion of the commissioners upon streets and avenues specified in the schedules named in “°”°°“*”“· said qppendix and in the aggregate for each schedule as stated herein, name y; Gnoaemvowrx scnnnmmz $5,500. Nonrnwiasr SECTION scnnnunnz $12,700. Sorrrnwnsr snc·r1oN sonnnnuzz $28,500. SOUTHEAST SECTION sonnnumnz $35,000. NORTHEAST SECTION scnnnumnz $29,000. Pr _ Prmraled, That streets and avenues named in said schedules already s¢K$€$' paved with paved with Belgian block or granite shall not be paved or otherwise B°*¤¤¤ b*°°k· M- improved under this appropriation and the remaining streets and avenues, except as herein specified, shall be contracted for H1 the order