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SIXTY—THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 80. 1915. 903 Northeast. Division Avenue, Washington Court to Deane Avenue, grade, $3,600; Southeast. Seventh Street, Alabama Avenue to Nichols Avenue, grade and improve, $2,300; Southeast. Pennsylvania Avenue, Branch Avenue to Bowen Road, widen, $7,000; Southeast. Seventeenth Street, Good Hope Road to Minnesota Avenue, grade and improve, $2,000; Northwest. Albemarle Street, Connecticut Avenue to Reno Road, grade, $6,000; - Northwest. Kenyon Street, Georgia Avenue to Park Place, grade and irnlprove, $9,400; In a , $118,700. r To carry out the provisions contained in the District of Columbia ,,§,$“$'j°°f °Y’°°"* appropriation Act for the fiscal year nineteen hrmdred and fourteen, mE¤:¤¤d1§z streets, w 'ch authorizes the commissioners to o n, extend, or widen any vbi}°3$?§i°9ré'4i.with‘ street, avenue, road, or highway to confifrm with the plan of the ermanent system of highways in that portion of the District of golumbia outside of the cities of Washington and Geo etown, there _ is a propriated, payable entirely from the revenues ii? the District ,,,§§}f,§>_§Sf’°mD"”"‘* of (lb umbia, suc sum as is necessary for said purpose during the fiscal year mneteen hundred and sixteen. _ REPAIRS——STREETS, Avmrrms, AND Anmars: For crurent work of ,,,§°*”’·‘” °‘ ‘”“’°“· repairs of streets, avenues, and alleys, including resurfacing and repairs to asphalt pavements with the same or other not inferior material, $315,000. This appropriation shall be available for repair- S"°°‘ ”“"“”· ing pavements of street ra` ways when necessary; the amounts thus expended shall be collected from such railroad companies as provided by section five of “An Act providing a permanent form of overnment V°*- ¤°» P- 1°5~ for the District of Columbia," approved June eleventlr, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, and s all be deposited to the credit of the appro riation for the fiscal year in which thai; are collected. The autliority given the Commissioners in the istrict of Columbia Chmging curbs- °°¤· appropriation Act, approved March second, nineteen hundred and V°‘·3·*·P·m°· seven, to make such c anges in the lines of the curb of Pennsylvania Avenue and its intersecting streets in connection with their resurfacing as they may consider necessary and advisable is made applicable to such other streets and avenues as ma be improved under ap roriations contained in this Act: Provided; That no such change sliall €§§'§;'§;,m_ be made unless there shall result therefrom a decrease in the cost of the improvement. _ Sw am I M For replacing and repairing sidewalks and curbs around public °” °‘“ °`” reservations and municipal and United States buildings $10,000. Suburban mms N Rrzrams ro sUnrmnAN Roms: For current work of repairs to pam. ' suburban roads and suburban streets, including maintenance of motor vehicles, four motor cycles, and one truck, $145,000. Bnmess: For construction and repairs, $22,000. This appro- §0"¤§§_;'@m0¤ mam priation shall be available for repairing when necessary any bridge pagsém b d carrying a public street over the right of way or plrgperty of any ,,;imdS_ " gw °v°’ railway company, and the amounts tlms expended s be collected ,.0,,0 p_ m from such railway company in the manner provided in section live Y of an Act providing a permanent form of government for the Dis— trict of Co umbia, a proved June eleventh, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, and sgiall be de osited in the Treasury to the credit of the United States and the lgistrict of Columbia in equal parts. _ Highway Bridge across Potomac River: Draw operators———two H*g*“"“Y mm at $1,020 each, two at $720 each; four watchmen, at $600 eachlabor, $1,500; lighting, power, and miscellaneous supplies, and expenses of evear kind necessarily incident to the operation and maintenance of e bridge and approaches, $8,620; in all $16,000.