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74 SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Srss. I. Ch. 3. 1913. F.,,m.,.e.., FOBTIFICATIONB, rmnn cmu. wing r fortifications and armament thereof for the PaEli.lmli.hCai.ii)ai.]l;) to beilinmediately available and to continue available until expende namel : sm., Surve : For detailzd surveys of the areas on the Canal Zone requiredyfor military purposes, mcluding the cost of marking permanently the boundaries of such areas, $12,000; Purchasnoflunl Purchaiae prfdland: For the of land on the Canal Zone uired or ' u!'P086¤» » Q _ . swmsrwcms. mgeacoast batwt;leys:pF6>5·0 the construction of seacoast batteries on the Canal Zone $2,365, ; _ , E1¤¤¢r¤¤1>¤¤¤*¤- Electric tl and power lants: For the purchase and installation of electric and power plants for the seacoast fortifications on the anal Zone 173,000* _ _ ¤¤=¤¤¤¤s1=¤¤ C For the purchase and installation of searchhghts for the eeacoast fortificatgzns on the Caplal Zone, $285,000ii dr _ in S¤¤i¤ry¢¤·=··‘*¤¢·'= Sani cear1ng` : or sam earmg, Ellmg, an amage ’°””' vicinitytitlfl camps, posts, and dblznsive works on the Canal Zone, as follows: ¤¤rz=¤r1¤•!¤¤¤¤- Margarita Island- For swam in rear defensive works, $1§0,000; _ '*¤”°*•¤· For clearing and) improving permanent post site and drill ground at Mirailoree, $30,000;

:nmm. Armament of fortifications: For the purchase, manufacture, and

test of seacoast cannon for coast defense, including their carnages, sights, implements, e<%pLpments, and the machmery necessary for their manufacture at arsenals, to cost ultimately not to exceed §'$’_;’;'g, c, 1,,,,,,,,, $2,506,000, $1,000,000: Provided, That the Chief of Ordnance rs rm authorized to transfer to and use in the fortifications of the Panama Canal one sixteen—inch gum and carriage, procured, or to be procured, out of appropriations heretofore made under armament of fortifications for continental United States; Ammunition. For the purchase manufacture, and test of ammunition for seacoast cannon, including the necessary experiments in connection therewith, and the machinery necessary for its manufacture at the arsenals, $575,000; rimsuemnmzmm. Fire control: For the construction of fire-control stations and the purchase and installation of accessories therefor, $200,000; In all, specifically for fortifications and armament thereof for the B ks d up Panama Canal, $4,870,000. ersim °° q The Secretary of _War is authorized and directed to cause to be m,{",§g°,°§‘j 0},* Cggfg; prepared and submit to Congress on or before December fifteenth Z¤¤¤¤¤di¤H¤W¤ii- nineteen hundred and thirteen, complete plans for, and detailed estimates of, barracks and quarters for the mobile army and seacoast artillery on the Canal Zone and in the Hawaiian Islands. z°¤;s¢rg‘*3$l;<l;;¤¤¢€¤¤»¤ Sec. 2. That all funds collected by the ovemment of the Canal am,p.z. Zone from rentals of public lands and bui§dings in the Canal Zone and the cities of Panama and Colon, and from the zone ostal service, and from court fees and fines, and collected or raised by taxation in whatever form rmder the laws of the government of the Canal Zone, are hereby approtpriated until and including June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and ourteen, as follows: The revenues derived from_ the postal service to the maintenance of that service; the remamrgifg revenues, including an balances unexpended in prior years, ter setting aside a miscellaneous and contingent fund of not exceeding ten thousand dollars, to the maintenance of the publicschool system in the zone; to the construction and mainte—- nance of public improvements wrtlnn the zone; to the maintenance