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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 80. 1915. 917 COURTS AND PRISONS. com-ease pam;. Surrorvr or co1~rv1c*rs: For support, maintenance, and transpor— ,,.§‘{,’§‘f;°§§t,,i‘f,_°°“"°*' tation of convicts transferred from the District of Columbia; for ex- ··*’*“·P-869- ppnses of shipping remains of deceased convicts to their homes in the mted States, and for expenses of interment of unclaimed remains of deceased convicts; for expenses incurred in identifying and pursuing escaped convicts and for rewards for their recapture; to be expende under the direction of the Attorney General, $90,000. Courrmousrz, Drsmrcr or Commnra: For care and protection, ,,§°‘""‘°"'°· °"°· under direction of the United States marshal of the District of Columbia: Engineer, $1,200; three watchmen, at $720 each; three firemen, at $720 each; five laborers, at $600 each; three messengers, at $720 each- in all, $10,680, to be expended under the direction of the Attorney General. " Counr or Ar-r·r:u.s Bunnmo, Drsrnrcr or Conumaraz Two b,,%‘.},‘§,§j,,‘}£,§&_”°“" watchmen, at $720 each; elevator operator, $720; three laborers at $480 each; mechanician (under the direction of the Superintendent of the Capitol Building and Grounds), $1,200: Provided, That the clerk of the Court of Ap als shall be the custodian of said building, under the direction andw supervision of the justices of said court; in all, $4,800. For mops, brooms, buckets, disinfectants, removal of refuse, elec- ¤=r¢¤¤¤¤- tric current, electrical suplplies, books, and all other necemary and incidental expenses not otherwise provided for, $800. Fans or wrrmussns surnam: counr: For fees of witnesses and ,,,§,°§’,'§gf‘§,,§°“'° "’" payment of the actual expenses of witnesses said court, as provided b section eight hundred and fifty, Revised Statutes of the R·“··’°°·“°·P·“°· United States, $13,000. Fans or maons, smmmm c0ua·r: For fees of jurors, $57,000. ’°’°”"°°’· PAY or BAILIFFBZ For payment of not exceeding one crier in each *’°Y°""‘““”’·°‘°· court, of office deputy mars als who act as bailiifs or criers, and for expense of meals and odging for jurors in United States cases and of bailiifs in attendance upon same when ordered bfy the court, $27,000. M, ,1 ms ¤_ MISCELIANEOUS Exrmzrsnsz For pigment o such miscellaneous pam. expenses as may be authorized by e Attorney General for the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia and its officers, including the furnishing and collecting of evidence where the United States is or may be a party in interest, including also such expenses as may be authorized by the Attorney General for the court of appeals, District of Columbia, $15,000. crixmrins AND conmacrrous. ...°..‘:""°‘*“"°°""* Boarzn or Cnanrrrasz Secretary, $3,500; stenographer, $1,400; g$§id.Zf$7?£°°i°° clerk, $1,200; messenger, $600; mspectors—one $1,200, three at $1,000 each, two at $900 each, two at $840 each; drivers—one $780, three at $720 each; hostler, $540; traveling expenses, including attendance on conventions, $400; in all, $18,260. aaromuronms aim commcrronai. rnsrrrurrows. R°'°""“‘°'“°·°*°— Wasmucrox Asrnum arm Jan.: Superintendent, $1,800; visiting ;,,;7‘§"},°H*¤°}‘ A"' physician, $1,200; resident physician, $480; two assistant resident S°““‘°°· physicians, at $120 each;` clerk, $840; engineer, $900; assistant engineers—three at $600 each; night watchman, $480; blacksmrth and woodworker, $500; driver for dead wagon, $365; one hostler and driver, and one driver for supply and laundry wagon, at $240 each; hospital cook, $600; assistant cooks-—one $300, two at $180 each; tramed nurse, who shall act as superintendent of nursing, $1,000; two graduate nurses, at $480 each; graduate nurse for