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920 . SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. IH. C11. 80. 1915. engineer, $480* elevator conductor, $300· three laundresses, at $240 each; farmer, laborer, night watchman, three orderlies, and assistant laundryman, at $3601 eaclgil two ward maids, at $240 each; four ants at $240 eac · in $18 360. ccminvnzcxpenscs. Sager piovisionls, fuezlii foragehlhyaiinessg anaill vehicles and xgpairiil tc; ,ie oes, oth1ng` , ,for1ng,drugsan me `ca iiliiilgilicgséllusnitiue and bedding, lcitglign utensils, books and periodicals not to exceed $50, temporary services not to exceed $1,000, and other essary items, $32,000; Repairsetc- D0§‘d;r regaii-3 anaallggnprovemmts to buildings and g’1‘0\111ClS, including ro an si ew , $2,000; In all, Tuberculosis Hospital, $52,360. cmaicmiam. CHILD·CARING ms·rrrm·roNs. _ Bgggugf ¢h¤<**¤¤’¤ Bonn or CHILDREN7S euannnmsz For administrative expenses, gulilrxpeuses. including expenses in placing and visiting children, city directory purciliiase of giooks die; re erence and periodicals not exceeding $25, and allo cean sun expenses $3500. S¤1¤¤¤¤- For agent, $1,800; clerk, $1,200;, placing and investigating 0mC01S— one $1,200, one $1,000, sixalpt $900 each; record clerk, $900; clerk, $720; messe er, $360; in $12 580· ,,,§‘§"'°""""’°‘1 °“”' For maintlgiance of feebleiminiled ichildren (white and colored), drggvdy ¤¤=·» 0* dm- For board and care of all children committed to the guardianship of said board b the courtscof the District, and for temporary care of children investigation or while being transferred from place to place, with authority to pay not more than $1,500 to institutions Amount gm- was- adjudged to be under sectarian control and not more than $300 for "‘° “““‘“"°“‘ buglal Hf d le ungler charge of the board, $60,000; a o c ’s 'ans, $96,080. Mv¤¤¢¤¢¤ ¤&¤¤¤· The disbursing officer of the District of Columbia is authorized to advance to the agent of the board of children’s guardians, iipon sitions previously approved by the auditor of the District o Colum ia and upon such security as may be required of said agent by the commissioners, sums of money not to exceed $200 at any one time, to be used for extpenses in plac' and visiting children, traveling on official business o the board, 8.lII:§ for office and sundry expenses, all such expenditures to be accounted for to the accoimting officers of the District of Columbia within`one month on itemized vouchers properly sgligili i2i°$i€L`,i Bipiiiliihgdmmn Horn: Senoor. ron Coromun Cm1.nm·:N: Superin- °’},’§§;;’}{,;_ tendent, $1,200; matron of school, $480; three caretakers, two assistant caretakers, nurse, and sewing teacher, at $360 each; two teachers, at $480 each; manual traininghteacher, $600; farmer, and blacksmith and wheelwright, at $480 eac ; stableman, and watchman, at $300 each;_ ccglk, $240; laundress, $240; temporary labor not to exceed $300 m , $8,100; Emma. 5%;:* maintenance, including purchase and care of horses, wagons, an arness, $9,000; For repairs and improvements to buildings and grounds, $1,000; For fire protection, including fire pl $200; iiZi°<ii°{$i¤mas from In all, Industrial Home School for Children, $18,300: Pro- “’°“· vided, That all moneys received at sa1d school as income from sale of products and from pigment of board, of instruction, or otherwise, shall be paid over to e commissioners to be expended by them in the support of the school during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and . sixteen. sciiiiiinmu Hm Iwnusrnmn Hom: Sei1o0L: Superintendent, $1,500; supervisor 8‘“““°“‘ of boys, $720; matron, $480; three matrons, at $360 each; house-