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928 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Cris. 81-83. 1915. Commissioner of Lighthouses, out of the annual appropriations for the Lighthouse Service, on Lakes Okechobee a.n Hicpochee and connecting waterways across the State of Florida and on the Apalachicola River and Chipola cutoff. rms: landon mw- Sec. 6. That hereafter the annual appropriations for the Lighthouse “°i°"" Service shall be available for defraym(g the egpenses of cooperation between the Litghthoi1sedServ1i§1 in the orest Service in the management o crest an on t ouse reservations. oausecupeusose Sec. 7. That hereafter the provisions of section eight of the Act of °°°'"s’°t°‘ Coglgress approved Ailigrést twenty-fourth, niéieteleiigdhungred land tw ve y-sevent tatutes, page our un an eig ty- omcqrs suthnrlmd seven), relative to the administe of oaths to travel accounts or ‘°§§L“‘,‘}‘§,?'_,;,.,_ g§,hi;expt§1ngesmagain?{lt(;{:%1iehUniteId1%tates shall tlge extexaded to cluief er in eo ceso t ouseinspectorsoro erempoyeesin the Ighthouse Service designated by them, and hereafter chief clerks in o ces of lighthouse inspectors and employem dmignated b them are authorized to administer oaths of office to employees of the Lighthouse Service.

  • T"”*°°*‘“‘°¤°'*· Sec. 8. That hereafter the penalties provided in section six of the

gstnm. Pemntyrarubsmm- Act of May fourteenth, nineteen hundred and eiglgt (Thirty-fifth

  • %.,1.;;-;, p, M Staigtes, page tgne hundred and sixty-two), for od tlructipnltlo hor

inte erence wi any ai to navigation maintains y the `g t- house Service shall sgply with equal force and effect to any private gd to navigatipxho la y under the aptlrorlity grantled » e Secretary o mmerce an e mmissioner o ouses y V°‘-“·P·3“· section six of the Act of June twentieth, nineteen hulliiigired and six (Thirty-fourth Statutes, page three hundred and twenty-four). Approved, March 3, 1915. _ l[1§cfi.%<>l¤9’ri/si CHAP. 82.—-An Act To provide for the establishment of a lifesaving station in

 the vicinity of Duxbury Reef, California.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rr1epresentatives of the United pygbmy neesgtcgn. States of America in Congress assembled, at the Secretary of the sumoraflliiger. ° Treasury_be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to_estabhsh a life-saying station in the vicinity of Duxbury Reef, or Bolmas Bay, Califorma, at a cost not to excee $12,000. Approved, March 3, 1915. mu·chz,1a1s. ¤H!P·83__ M]. . . val . { th fiscal

 year ending Junlgnthliftieth, ninegéiinhliindredm    and for gthtei putiposes.

8,, 8,,.- , Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United ¤·¥?·=¤·?$$ `°°“"" °” sum of America at emma; memtzed That the renewing Sums be, alnd {They are herebyélappropriated, to bei pgid opt of anay money t e easury not o erwise appropriate , or the nav service o the Government for the year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hrmdred and sixteen, and for other purposes: P°"°”’°°““°°°°°‘ mr, Mrscnuaumous. Schedule of all pay h h . . $3 ?·?°¤~»»¤···~"“°°"“ ‘° "° ofrills€1§:x:l·G;:gy\llgl‘ 2.§£Z?."§ ie“[‘£lpi2?é1.t€h€33¤i'°§$ f£t‘*;‘i.$’%'§‘Zl‘.% amount of money of all pay and for all allowances for each ade of officers in the Navy, including retired officers, and for all ogcers included in this Act and for all enlisted men so included.