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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 83. 1915. 929 _For commissions interests; transportation of funds; exchange; m§£§°“’“*°°‘” °*‘ mileage to officers while traveling under orders in the United States, ` and or actual personal ex enses of officers while traveling abroad under orders, and for travsing expenses of civilian employees, and for and necessary traveling expenses of midshipmen while proceeding from their homes to the Naval Academy for examination and appointment as midshipmen; for actual traveling expenses of female nurses; actual expenses of officers while on shore atrol duty; for rent of buildings and offices not in navy yards, incllfiding the rental of offices in the District of Columbia; ex enses of courtsmartial, prisoners and dplrisons, and courts of inquiry, boards of inspection, examining boar , with clerks' and witnesses’ fees, and traveling expenses and costs; stationery and recordingl; religious books; expenses of psurchasing p?rmasters’ offices of e various cities, inc uding cler , furniture, ucl, stationery, and incidental expgnses; subst", mm to newspapers and periodicals for the naval service (hereafter su crip- papers maybe mum tions may be paid for in advance); all advertising for the Navy ‘°""’°°‘ Department and its bureaus (except advertising for recruits for the Bureau of Navigation); copsying; care of library, including the purchase of books, photograp , prints, manuscripts, and periodicals; ferri e; tolls; costs of suits· commissions, warrants, diplomas, and barges; relief of vessels in distress; recovery of v uables from shipwrecks; quarantine expenses; reports; pro essional investigation; cost of special instruction at home and abroad, inclugisf maintenance of students and attaches; information from ab , and the collection and classification thereof; all charges pertaining to the Navy Department and its bureaus for ice for the cooling o

ter on shore (except at naval hospitals), telephone rentals

and to , telegrams, cablgqams, and tpostage, foreign and domestic, and post—oEce box ren ; and 0 er necessary and incidental PWM expenses: Promlied, That the sum to be paid out of this approprna- Allowanba up- antion, under the direction of the Secretary of the Naxy, for clerical ‘f;,,§f§;c_’°"‘°“ °‘ inspection, and messenger service in navy yards, nav stations, purchasing pay offices or the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nmeteen hundred and sixteen, shall not exceed $290,000; in all, $1,000,000. c,,,,,0,N_,_,0p,m_ There shall be a Chief of Naval Operations, who shall be an officer wps- mmm d on the active list of the Navy appointed by the President, by and .ma£}§¤y. " with the advice and consent of the Senate, from among the officers of the line of the Nag] not below the grade of captain for a period of four years, who sh , under the direction of the Secretary of the Navy, be char ed with the operations of the fleet, and with the preparation and readiness of {plans fpr its use in war: Provided That n•¤x,餤. if an officer of the glrade o captam_ be appointed Chief of Naval O‘perations, he shall ave the rank, title, and emoluments of a rear a miral while holding that position. _ To wt M mmm, During the tem orary absence of the Secretary and the Amistant in umpomy absence Secretary of the Navy, the Chief of Naval Operations shall be next ““‘* “‘ in succession to act as Secretary of the Navy. Munk Conrmomrr, NAVY: For all emergencies and extraordinary expenses, exclusive of personal services in the Navy Department, or any of its subordinate bureaus or offices at Washmglton, District of Co umbia, arising at home or abroad, but impossib e to be anticipated or classified, to be expended on the approval and authority of the Secretary of the Navy, and for such purposes as he may deem ,,mm_ roper, $46,000: Promlled, hat the Act " 0 authorize and provide nspespi or uanlu For the dislposal of useless tpapers in the executive de artments,j’ ’“$§S§5,{f'€,‘;_ approved ebruary sixteen , eighteen hundred and eiéty-nine, is hereby amended so that accumulations in the files of navy yards and naval stations that, in the judgment of the Secretary o the Navy, are not needed or useful in the transaction of current business and 91006°—vor. 33-1*1* 1--59