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936 SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 83. 1915. cmimgm. Commenur, BUREAU 01-* YARDS AND Docks: For contingent expenses and minor extensions and improvements of public works at navy yards and stations, $50,000. P¤1>1i¤ w¤r¤· PUBLIC womrs, BUREAU or YARDS AND DOCKS. B¤¤¤¤¤»¤¤¤¤· NAVY YARD, Bos·roN MASSAOHUSEITSZ Paving, to continue, $5,000; hot-water supply system, $10,000; electric distributing system, extensions, $10,000; in all, $25,000. New York, NY NAVY YARD, Naw Yonx, New Yonx: Yard railroad, extension and equipment, $10,000; to complete construction of Pier C (cost not to exceed $150,000), $85,000; distributing system, extensions, $15 000; dredging, to continue, $25,000; in all, $135,000. I’hi1adelphia,P¤. NAVY YARD, Pn11.ADnL1=mA, PENNSYLVANIA! Railroad system, extensions, $10,000; distribution systems, extensions, $10,000; dred - ing, to continue, $25,000; paving, to continue, $10,000; in ai, $55,000. wsmugam, D. c. NAVY YARD, WASHINGTON, lDISTRICT or CoLUu:s1A: Fireproof general storehouse (cost not to exceed $225,000), to complete, $125,000; railroad system, improvements and extensions, $10,000; electric system, extensions, $10,000; in all, $145,000. Nm¤u,v». NAVY YARD, Nomroug, VIRGINIA! Building for school, $50,000; railroad system, extensions, $15,000; disinfecting plant, $15,000; formth: construction of a building slip and equipment, $50,000; in , 130,000. · vwlsrw. B- C- NAVY YARD, CBARLESTQN, Soum CAnoL1NA: Dredging, to continue, $20,000; pavingi and grading, to continue, $10,000; to make dry and wet bormgs to etermme water—front conditions for locating suitable piers, and slips, $15 000; for the construction of building ways for constructing t , lighters, barges, and small naval auxiliary craft $50,000; inu§,.$95,000. , KW W¤¤*·F'* $5lgggAL STATION, KEY Wnsr, FLORIDA! Dredging, to continue, i>em¢¤1¤,ra. NAVAL STATION, PENSACOLA, FLORIDA! For remodeling build' ,,,$,§°,,‘,§,,,‘{,°§{,f§{,Z,,_'°' fifty-two to fit it as a sick quarters and dispensary for use of Unit-ldd V·>*·34»P·U9*· States Navy Aeronautic Station, $15,000, reappropriated from unexpended appropriation Act of March second, nmeteen hundred and ggvegk for renewal of present naval hospital buildings, Pensacola, on a. umisma, cn. NAVY YARD, Mum ISLAND, CALIFORNIA: Dredging and diking, to continue, $20,000; railroad system, extensions, $10,000; arbage crematory, $7,500; improvements and extensions to distrigbuting systems, $15,000; oil storage, $12,500; in all, $65,000. rugeeseuuawasu. NAVY YAILD, Pucm Somm, WASHINGIONZ Dre , to continue, $15,000; syst-gin, extensions, $25,000; b ' slip for submarines, , ; m , $60000. ipcqgeiizucingga. _ NAVAL Paovmc Gnomm, INDIANHEAD, MA1zYLA1¤D: Toward exten- ‘ sion of powder factory (cost not to exceed $500,000), to complete public work features, $158,380. mr in mums, ra, NAVAL MAGAZINE, Four Mirnm, PnmvsYLvANrA: One shell house, ” ‘“°‘°‘“"" $25,000; fixed ammunition storehouse, $13,000; one magazine, $_13,00£é g3g>l'1}1l!§‘p;£:;.E1il50?)l(§'b0DSl0¤, $7,000; railroad system, extensions, , ; m , , . Vxviylgjgiagrnegx, h NAv§ré0i£gAzmn, Sum- Jmnnss Cnmzx, Vmcmu: One shell ’ ouse, , . wszsqemiwaa, NAVAL MAGAZINE, Puem SOUND, WAs1m~:c·roN: Shell house, "° “‘“°"‘*"“· $15,000; two magazines, $30,000; storage sheds, $4,000; house on pliprigézgigé); pier extension, $4,000; hghtning protection, $3,000; in I 7 '