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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 83. 1915. 945 fair aid free c{{>Smpetg;io:li}i eanvai for the manuilacture of gails, lgiwgnmgs, ammoc , an 0 er wor ;mter1or a `ances an too or manufacturing purposes in navy yards and iigval stations; and for the purchase of all other articles of equipage at home and abroad; and for the payment of labor in equipping vessels therewith and manufac- E¤¤1l>¤¤•¤*¤¤1>¤11¤¤ ture of such articles in the several navy yards; naval signals and apparatus, other than electric, namely, signals, lights, lanterns, rockets, runningblights, lanterns and lamps and their appendages for general use on oard ship for illuminating purposes, and oil and candles used in connection therewith; b1mti1§land other materials for making and repairing iiags of all kinds; for d lpermanent gglleydiittingls an uipage; rugs, carpets, curtains, an on oar nav vesggls, $9,106,127: Promlled, That no part ol this sum shall be applied §Y°,,,,"{,,?;_ to the repair of any wooden ship when the estimated cost o such W¤¤<1¤¤¤¤¤¤· repairs, to be appraised ba) a competent board of naval officers, shall exceed ten per centum of e estimated cost, appraised in like manner, Om lu of a new ship of the same size and like material: Provided further, That °° p°' no part of this sum shall be applied to the repair of an other ship when the estimated cost of suc repairs, to be appraised by a comgptent board of naval omcers, shall exceed twenty per centmn of e estixnatgdhcjiost, appraiped) in like maurtiigr, rg} a new ship rg the same sizean `emateria: u r, atnothmg` ereineon-I¤f¤r¤¤¤v•¤¤. tained shall diprive the Secretary of the Navy of the authority to °°°` order repairs o ships damaged in foreign waters or on the high seas, so far as may be necessary to bring them home. And the Secretary bggvmwm W¤’P•¤l¤ of the Na is hereby authorized to make expenditures from appro- ‘ prgite fung undgr tggsvaigoutg bgrlgaus for repairs and changes 0;%:; sumarinetorpeo to e "t inasumnottoexc $100,000: Pro¤v·idcdfarthey·, That the sumyltg be paid out of this appro- °'“’·· ’°”‘ gggtégxg, under goo direction of Se¢];retary of the Navy, for clerical, , mspec n, watchman ee , an r service in navy yards, naval stations, and oiH§of supezintendiij naval constructors for the fiscal year June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and sixteen, shall not exceed $958,100. Imrnovnmnivr or coxsrauorxoiw runrs: For repairs and im- ,,,{;**g_P_Y,g¥§¢°°¤¤**¤•· grovement of machinery and implements at plant at navy yard, Portsmouth, N.H. ortsmouth, New Hampshire, $10,000. _ _ For repaus audi l£OVBIifl1l3 oi Oggd implements at B°°*°¤·*'”* laut at na ar , on, assac usetts, , . P For repagi yand improvement of machinery and implements at N"' Y°'*·N·Y· plant at navy yard, New York, New York,_ $20,000. _ For repairs and improvement of machmery and implements at *’*¤“·d·>*P¤*·¥’•· plant at navy yard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, $15 For repairs and improvement of machinery and implements at N°**¤11=»V°· plant at navy yard, Norfolk, Virginia, $15,000. _ For repairs and improvement of machinery and implements at °*¤¤1•¤°°¤·S-C- plant at navy yard, Charleston, South Carolina, $15,000. For repairs and improvement of machinery and implements at ¤¤¤·1¤1¤¤d·°¤*- plant at navy yard, Mare Island, California, $15,000. _ lFor repairs and} i;iprov§r)nen$ %_ma:ch1nery$;».;)1¢3)0;©t11plements at P¤s¤¢S¤¤¤·1 W¤=¤- ant at nav yar , n et un , ashmgton, , . . _ P Officers ofythe line ofgthe Navy who have had not less than three t 2**:: rm m resale °‘ m*¤s.;:%s;:,2s::;s:sr.*;:·, s~“‘“"‘“— acm a ana coursemavaarc the Seciiet§to?-the Navy shall be ngllgible for transfer to the grade _ of assistant naval constructor: P ed, That there shall not be §{f,f{"b'f,, umm more than Eve such transfers in any one calendar year and that the Vvk 32. 1>- 1197- total increase in the number of naval constructors and ass1stant naval constructors by reason of such transfers shall not exceed twenty-four. 91006"-von 38-Yr 1-60