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950 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 83. 1915. i"¤·*¤¤**¤¤¤*· FUEL, Mannvn Cours: For heat and light for the authorized allowance of quarters for officers and enlisted men, and other buildings and grounds pertaining to the Marine Corps; fuel, electricity, and oil for cooking, power, and other purposes; and sales to officers, $164,000. }_‘;f”Y“*'°'· Mimranr s·ronEs, Mmmm Cours: Pay of chief armorer, at $4 per diem ·_ one mechanic, at $3 per diem; two mechanics, at $2.50 each per diem; one chief electrician, at $4 per diem, and one assistant electrician, at $3.50 per diem; per diem of enlisted men employed

  • '“'°”“°°· on constant labor for periods of not less than ten days; purchase of

mnlitarylsqiéprtlients, sulgi as rilgesbrevolvers, cartpgdgeslgpxes, bayli- · net sca ar aversac , an e , canteens e , swor , drums trumpets, Eggs, waistbelts, wiagigt plates, clirtridge lgcilts, spare parts for repairing es, machetes, purchase and repair of tents, field cots, fieild otyensig and stlpves ftp tents; pulrchase 83 repair of mstru— ments or an urc ase o music an music accessories; — chase and markixigpof prizes for excellence iigigvmnery and riiie pllliclitice; good-conduct badges; medals award to officers and enlisted men the Government for conspicuous, gallant, and special service; mci ental expenses of schools of alplplication; construction, equipmenti and mamtensnce 13; tsgcgiool, and amhpssemenlt roomsan gymnasiums ore men,an e urc can repair of all articles of field sports for enlisted men; iiurchase and repair 0; signal equipment and stores; establishment and nance o targets an r es, ren ran es, construction - tngs for temporary sheallerg and p§rvati§n of gtplresals-nél lintrance ees in competitions procuring, preserving, an an ammimition and other necessary military supplies; in all, $307 ,737. 'f¤*¤=P°,F ********1* md Taaxsronryrrou mn nmcaurrmo, MARINE Cours: For trans- ` portation of troops, and of applicants for enlistment between recruiting stations and recruit depots or posts, including ferriage and transfers en route, or cash in heu thereof; toilet kits for issue to recruits upon their first enlistment and the expense of the recruiting service, $317,000. m_R•P¤i¤*¤¤¤¤°¤» Rnrams or Banaaoxs, Mmmm Cours: Repairs and improvements to barracks, quarters, and other public buildings at posts and stations; for the renting, leasing, improvement, and erection of buildings in the District o Columbia, and at such other places as the public exigencies require; and for er diem to enhsted men employed un er the direction of the Qliiartermastefs Department on the repair of barraeks, quarters, and other public biuldmgs on constant abor for periods of not less than ten days, $140,000. mm-. Fomen, Maanm Cours: For forage in kind and stabling for dpublic gnimstls {cg the Cguartermastefs Department and the authorize numer o 0 cers’ orses $22,200. ,,,§$,},',,‘f‘§,,§g,§§°,$,,‘§ Comuurariox or lquaarmzs, Manner: Cours: Commutation of ¤<·¤¤•.¤¢¢· quarters for officers serving with troops where there are no public quarters belonging to the Government, and where there are not sufficient quarters possessed by the United States to accommodate them; commutation of ztiiarters for enlisted men employed as clerks and messengers in the offices of the commandant, adjutant and insplectoxytpayrgaster, and quartermaster, and the offices of the assistant a jutan an inspectors, assistant aymasters, assistant quartermasters, at _$21 each mper month, and) for enlisted men employed as com L messengers in said offices, at $10 each per month, $79,000. um CONTINGENT, Mmmm Conrs: For freight, expressage, tolls, cartage, advertising, washing of bed sacks, mattress covers, pillow- _cases, towels, and sheets, funeral expenses of officers and enlisted men and retired enlisted men of the Marine Corps, including the transportation of bodies and their arms and wearing apparel from