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78 SIXTY·TH]ZRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 4. 1913.

%s*s,;2“r¤%2Q&°&°s,*:,”:,rPBme*# Psnraiu san: as

a — agpilablgl by Ewggg mich reimbwble purpose agnd to remain avail- · aeun expen :romded' _ tnoparto said um hallbe musrieiirr used for survey, resurvey, classification, a praisement,i>1• allotment xi-nmmsruaam . P ‘ of any land m severalty upon the ublrc domain to any Indian, irkhether ot? 311; glavajci or other tribes, within the State of New exico an tateo na. _ ‘§""°“°°·""*°’¤°· For the construction repair, and maintenan f ditch resua wivttlable until u- voirs, and dams, purchase and use of ` tion tcdaolg and a csliances °°"°°°‘ water rights, ditches, lands necess ior canals i Iiiibs and . . . ey » PdP¤ »_ reservd outgcigr an allotmelpts, an for drainage an pro on a m iloods $335000 to "’°°‘·'°'Um_ém,,_ remain ·8V§llRbl8 iilnlgl expended: That no ,part ’of appropriation shall be expended on any irrigation system or reclamation pgglect for which specific appropriation is made in this Act or for w public funds are or mllalyabe available under any other Act u'au°"d_ ¤¤*¤r=· of Congress: Promdsd_g:urther, t no contained shall be_ construed to proln rt reasonable expen from this appropnation_ for prehmmary surveys and mvestigations to determine zh:] fzasibrhtyfand estrmateg cost of new projecti,1 goin investigations _ _ urveys or_ weren reservrr 'tes ° regorvauoj , v°L wm m' m accordance witho provisions of sescitionoiihirteen of the Act of mamma um June twentgfifth, nmeteen hundred and ten, or to prevent the autumn. Bpreau of dum Affairs from hang the bmeiit of consultation X5? m othr-its branchiga cig le public service or _ agreemen _ _ _ ecamatio · f one_ chief mspecter of irrigation, who shall bl; a (iinlgzrirfn

°34,000; one assistant mspector of irrigation, who shall

iusgecmm 0%t:<;in eng;n:;r, $2,20; forhtravelrng expenses of two . 011, *1 BT tuall duty m the field, exclusive ofptransgglrtiiitigii gid sl<£ ciIri1,¢§-ii)aSi·e(ga1?dx m heu of all other expenses authorized by law, and for incidental glpenses of n tration, mspectron, and mvestigation, including egraphmgman expense of going to and from the seat of governsupemmdmu M ment and w e remarning there under orders, $4,200; in all, $345 700; ,,,,gmm_ Promded also, That not to exceed seven superintendents of ° Su who shall be skilled irrigation engineers, may be employedmilga On, ¤,,mE"'_ '“"‘“‘ “°“°‘ Iml;i<;1gS¢h;1g3 H of the trafic in intoxicating liquors among R;¤{;¤;¤= drsms. To relieve distress Indians d ‘ · {Zi ° U “ °*s°°‘°“· and for the reventiiilringligl treatmenall oftotdibrgridglimsihdr isorhsclii cam smallpoxfl and. other contagious and infectious dish I incluzildig tt§)c;1p(§r;ale:1s:;lJo·‘i Ezpgcnga ialnlncglgpenlse of vaéccination, a.nd,for correc- _ an omos, _200 000. suppmomnmu. Forégppfport of Indian day and mdustr1a.l schools not otherwise pm", gm! ti Oltjhwd o;her educatronal and industrial purposes in Beams., ec pq erewr , 1,420,000: P wai d, Th t · appropriation, or_ any other appropriation przvidlgdpidi clferteiris ggegitécaphplrgpergagpogs mtide purspanthto treaties, shall be used ai . . ess an one- ourt Indian blood whose ts are citizens f th U ted S · pam? geiliehm site £0_e%‘.,qm$‘?§ £1§’0§i‘?a3ii‘1E§S‘gS’3§£€§‘;d‘hei,’Zi EXE sdm Oal;:e-ft)1\e;srt;1>fIItil:i;;&1Inldf(;a(r1dschmls are needed for pupils of more than ls, cagency FO tru t' I · • . °““°‘ir ** ,,h0,$S°§E?i @.2% b?3?§1nP‘Z’°}i“(i‘¥0§°5;$2“;ag°§‘dw2°2,£"'°mf°‘° °‘

gg·—¢ghg_ Agency, lighting plants, $400,000
ggwided, That out of the abggpp y, md

gnu, the fo owing expenditures shall be made to wit- For- thee maint tion of employees} quarters at the Pine Ridge Agency iiimgouttli