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960 SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Cns. 96-99. 1915. and receive the same salary now prescribed by law in respect of the {ygfijsgumw ,0 M present district jlpdge therein: Provwkled, however, That the President mas pause. shall make pub `c all indorsements made in behalf of the person N t appointed as such district judge. _ ,“iggg°g°°“°" °’°“‘ _ nc. That whenever a vacancy shall occur in the office of the district judge for the southern district of the State of Geoggia semor in commission such vacanc shall not be filled, and there ter there shall be but one district judge in said district. Approved, March 3, 1915. ¥¤¤h$» 1915- CHAP. 97.-An Act To t certain lands to the ci of Grand Junction, Colo-

 mdo, for the protection of itsg::ter supply. ty

Public, No. 285.] [ Be it enacted by the Senate and House ofRegresentat·ives of the United §‘Q§§*,°d‘§°§;c,,°¤ States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the ¤¤1t¤§sr¤¤¢;¤i¤¤¤¤f<¤i Interior is hereby authorized and directed to convey to the city_ of W fum) y` Grand Junction, in the county of Mesa and State of lorado, section thirty-four, twelve south, range mnety-seven west of the sixth prmci al men an, m said county and State, to have and to hold said lands for the plarpose of the protection of the head gate of the Pwvim. water-su ply pipe es and water works system of said city: Prohmm vided, Tlliat the said city of Grand Junction shall within two years from thezgassage of this Actwr for said lands at the rate of $1.25 per Wig? "¤"” “""‘ acre: A promdedfurther t the grant hereby made is, and patent issued thereunder shall be, subject to all 1% (Lights heretofore acquired by any green or persons in or to the a v escribed premises or any art ereof an now existing under and b virtue of the ‘“”°’°’*‘ "’°”°°- laws of the lilnited States: Provided, That there shall lxe reserved to the United States all oil, coal, and other mineral deposits that may be found in the lands so Igranted and all necessary use of the lands for mgwnwn fw ¤¤¤- extracting the same: rooidedlfurther, That the lands hereby authort' ized to begurchased as hereinbefore set forth, and all portions thereof, shall be h d and used by or for the said grantee for the purpose herein specified, and in the event the said lands shall cease to be so used they s all revert to the United States, and this condition shall be expressed m the patent to be issued under the terms of this Act: And ,,}Qc°,‘g§'f“”“"°‘°°’ provided further, That the grant herein contained shall not be construed to deprive the public of the right to continue the use of what is known as the Kannah Creek trail across said land. Approved, March 3, 1915. umn :4, ms. CHAP. 98.-A.n Act To lace Bmow Coun , Georgia' , in the eastern division __jfl- R- 2°““·l of the northern district of Gedigia. ty (Public, No. 286.] . . . ,3,,,,,,,, Cm. , G, Be at enacted by the Senate and House of Re esentatwes o the United mggggd ¢;>,°gi;jg8¤ States of America in Congress assembled, Thaltr the countyfof Barrow, mmsm mea. in the State of Geo 'a, is hereby attached to and made a part of ,,X,‘§;,,,§’f‘· p· “°“· the eastern division lollthe northern judicial district of said State. Approved, March 3, 1915. Mama s isis. CHAP. 99.-An Act To place Candler, Jenkins, and Evans Counties, Geo , in [H- B- $*1*1 the eastern division of the southern district of Georgia, and to place Bacon and 'llixdmas [push, Nm 28;] Counties, Georgia, in the southwestern division of the southern district of Georgia. Inu Be it enacted Senate and House <y’Regresentat·iazes of the United md 1;,,;,, .,,,,,,,“’· States of America in Congress assembled, That the counties of Can- ¤¤. . . Gglmd m mm dler, Jenkins, and Evans, in the State of Georgia, are hereby attached enum an mmm to and made a part of the eastern division of the southern judicial °°'°"“’ district of said State.