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966 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 140. 1915. 0¤¤¤i¤,¤;°d_¤¤i¤= CALIFORNIA. C°m°mi°' To David Hilderbrand, of Sacramento County, $480. naaatucoxrmna DISTRICT or COLUMBIA. To Thomas Fahey, of Washington GY, $1,840. To Heber L. Thornton and Grayson . Thornton, trustees of the estate of Gottlieb C. Grammer, deceased, $2,340. To Elizabeth Thomas, of Brightwood, $1,835. To James O. Turner, administrator of Christina Turner, deceased, $1 150. rum ’ raonma. To Robert von Balsan; Eliza C. von Balsan, of Rinaldo von Balsan, deceased; and Sarah von Balsan, administra- ~ trix of Isadore von Balsan, deceased, of Saint Johns Count , $1,280. To Telasfor D. Quigles, administrator of the estate oiyManette Marsons, deceased, late of Escambia County, $4,300. To Richard H. Turner, in his own right and as administrator of the estate of Eliza Turner, deceased, an Eliza Ann Turner, of Duval County, $2,130. To the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, $1,170. To the rector, wardens, and vestry of Saint John’s Church at Jacksonville, $12.000. egg; GEORGIA. To July Anderson, Enior, administrator of the estate of July Anderson, deceased, of `berty County, $280. To G. W. Aycock, administrator 0 the estate of Reddick Aycock, deceased late of Walton Count , $515. To Caldwell C. Baggs and A. Baggs, of Liberty County and to Mary A. Baggs Latham, of Duval County, Florida, in equal shares, $660. To James F. Hicks, administrator of the estate of Larkin Clark, deceased, of Hart County, $165. To Mrs. M. E. Arrowood, administratrix of the estate of William Coursgf, deceased, of Fulton County, $617. To eorge Cree], of Clayton County, $865. To Fannie Crow, administratrix of the estate of Levi Crow, deceased, late of Paulding County, $710. To Daniel M. Dempsgy, administrator of the estate of Benjamin S. Dempsey deceased, of oyd Counttg, $857. To N. Fears, administrator of e estate of W. S. Fears, deceased, of He% Countyi $1,765. To es L. oyd administrator of the estate of David Floyd, deceased, of Gordon County. $310. To Plymouth Frazier, junior, of Liberty County, $122. To H. B. Godbee, son and heir of Albert Godbee, deceased, of Clay- ton Countg', $430. To A. . McDonald, administrator of the estate of Robert H. Green, deceased, of Clayton County, $595. To Abraham Greeson, of Gordon County, $405. To Archibald A. G , administrator of estate of Archibald P. G , deceased, late ol Cobb County, $760. lilo J. M. Ballew, administrator of the estate of Sarah Hays, deceased, late of Gordon County, $330. To Mary E. Humdphreys, indeplendent executrix of the estate of Enoch Humphreys, eceased, of rdon County, $370. To Dennis H. Himt, administrator of estate of Samuel Hunt, deceased, late of Floyd County, $508.