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968 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 140. 1915. A; ;¤;;g;1=_gedj=¤¤¤=¤¤ ILLINOIS. To Thomas Foster, of Cook County, $1,400. To Fannie Pemberton, of Golconda, $4,000. To Augusta A. Smith, executrix of the estate of E. Leonidas Smith deceased, of Cook County, $1,400. To John J. V`mcent, of Williamson County, $282. To Elijah Stannard, of Iroquois County, $210. m°*°”°· mnrnu. To Jeannette J. Guard, administratrix of the estate of Josiah Jennison, deceased, late of Dearborn County, $1,200. Kansas. KANSAS. To Samuel A. Shelton, administrator of the estate of Henry Bennett, deceased, of Allen County, $845. _ To Eli A. Helmick, of Kansas, $125. To Alfred W. Kent, of Clay County, $664. To Harriet Camlg, William A. Camp, Olive M. Allen, Maéy B. Brown, Margaret . Bowie, Clarence Camp, Carrie Camp, attie Brannan, an Thomas Brannan, heirs of Adam Camp, deceased, late of Miami County, $670. Kentucky. KENTUCKY. To John W. Alves, of Henderson County, $5,250. To Thomas N. Arnold, junior, admimstrater of the estate of Thomas N. Arnold, deceased, late of Kenton County, $5,015. To MaryaB. Mitchel, admmistratrix of estate of Thomas K. Ball, deceased, te of Mason Coimty, $610. To A. W. Richards, administrator of the estate of Kinchen Bell, deceased of Union County, $1 420. To H. Boswell, of Anderson County, $540. To R. B. Bottom, executor of the last will and testament of Henry P. Bottom, deceased, of Boyle County, $1,715. To Patrick Henry Bridgewater, of Adair County, $220. To Coleman T. Brown, of Green County, $1,620. To Stephen E. Brown, of Boyle Conmt , $490. To J. atrick McGee, administrator ofy the estate of Clement Calhoun, deceased, late of Nelson County, $320. To Charles P. Cammack, Ma.ry B. Harbin, Lillie V. Oldham, and Frances H. Glover, heirs of Mary R. Cammack, deceased, late of Jefferson County, $525. To B. H. Chesher, administrator of the estate of W. G. Chesher, deceased, late of Anderson County, $320. To Sallie M. Cohen, administratrix of the estate of Henry Cohen, deceased, late of Boyle Coimty, $856. To Millard J. Conley, heir of Harmon Conley, deceased, late of Paint Creek $1,200. To U. S. Denny, heir of the estate of Thomas D. Denny, deceased, of Wa e County, $102. '1{•IlWilliam Dunn, administrator of the estate of Woodford Dnmn, deceased, of Edmonson County, $910. To Emma F. Everman, of Carter Coimg, $425. To Bessie Frazer, Nannie Frazer, and ate Frazer Redd, heirs of Oliver Frazer, deceased, late of Fayette County, $240. To Hattie Grider, administratrix of the wtate of T. S. Grider, deceased, late of Warren County, $1,795. To James M. Hall, of Montgomery County, $750.