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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 140. 1915. 97], To the trustees of the Antioch Methodist Ep1sco` al Church South, °*******>'*** ********8 of Stewart, Mercer Count , $240. P ‘°°“°""“""°"‘ To D. B. Hampton, trator of George Boone, deceased, of Clark Coung, $440. To Peter aniel, of Johnson County $500. To Peter Ellwanger, administrator of the estate of D. F. Ellwanger, deceased, of Jefferson Conmty, $710. To William Fehr, administrator of Peter Fehr, deceased, of Jefferson County, $602. To the county of Graves, State of Kentucky, $1,500. To the count of Jessamine, State of Kentucky, $1,000. To Irene E. Jbhnson, administratrix of the estate of Leo L. Johnson, deceased, late of Scott County, $37,351.49. To Sallie A. Kinnaird, administratrix of the estate of William H. Kinnaird, deceased, of Warren County, $1,080. To J. H. Maratta, administrator 0 the estate of Caleb Maratta, deceased, late of Spencer County, $417. To M. C. O’Hara, administrator de bonis non of William O’Hara, deceased, of Caldwell County $4,829. To Sarah Posey Brown, sole heir of Thomas B. Posey, deceased, of Shegiy Count , $280. To 'as J. Rileg,) administrator of the estate of John Riley, deceased, of Logan unty, $2,480. To James A. Seebolt, administrator of the estate of John H. Seebolt, deceased, of Jeiierson County, $4,675. To Ambrose D. Vallandingham, of Owen County, $550. To Julia F. Yates of Lawrence County, $125. To the trustees of? the Baptist Church, of Bloomfield, $325. To the trustees of the Christian Church of Crab Orchard, $500. To the trustees of the Colored Baptist Church, of Lebanon, $500. Louisiana. ‘*°"“““ To Victorie C. Avet, administratrix of the estate of Vincent Avet, deceased, late of Plaquemine, Iberville Parish, $2,425. To Reing Bagarry, of Iberia Parish, $1,520. To the eirs or succession of Selzer Bass, deceased, late of West Carroll Parish, $3,407.50, representing his interest in property taken from him and his coowners. To John Fisher, administrator of estate of Hemy Bauman, deceased, late of Iberia Parish, $950. To Eugene Barrow, administrator of the estate of Mary J. Barrow, deceased, late of West Feliciana Parish, $12,625. To Adelia B. Greely, of Jones County, Mississigai, sole heir of H. B. Benjamin, deceased, late of East Baton Rouge arish, $755. To Mrs. Marie Ernestine Bourcy, Marie Ernestine Bourcy, junior, Stanislaus L. B. Bourcy, and A ¤·ustin Theodore Bourcy, heirs of Eu ene Augustin Bourcy, deceaseud, late of New Iberia, $1,125. 'Fo Felix Guidry, Arsene Broussard (née Guidry), Cecilia Alabarado (née Guidry), and Loretta Broussard (née Guidry), heirs of Louisa Breaux, late of Lafayette Parish, in equal shares, $7,780. To Sarah Bushnell, of Rapides Parish $1,725; to Rosa Brown, Meeker Brown, and Jennie May Brown, of, said parish, heirs of Lind— sa L. Brown, deceased, in equal sharw, $1,725; and to Elmira Jones, William Brown, Bertha Brown, May Brown, and Esther Brown, of said parish, heirs of Talton E. Brown, deceased, in equal shares, $1,725. To Athenais Chretien Le More, administratrix of Felicite Neda Chretien. deceased, late of Saint Landry Parish, $7,945.