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1302 SIXTXYFOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 190. 1916. ber fifteenth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, for the southwest quarter, section fifteen, township twenty-eight south, range seven _ _ west, ew exico meri an. Jos R at H N Lf, " 'di ““ I omestea entry, Havre, Montana numbered naught eight hundred and thirty-three, made by John ’Rieck, on June twenty-fourth, pineteiin hulpidrziimandtnine, fork the southwest qiigrter, sectiondseven- _ een wns ty- wo nort , range six east, ontana meri `an. miggda S°m° Lund _ Hhmesteadp entry, Glasgow, Montana, numbered naught twenty- eight thousand three hundred and twenty-two, made by Magda Sofhe Lundberg; on June seventeenth, nineteen hundred and fourteen, for the sout east quarter of the northwest quarter, east half of the southwest quarter, and southwest quarter of the southeast quarter, section thn·ty-five, township thirty-one north, range thirty-four east, · Lmm,8 B Spd, Montana meridian. mn. Homestead entry Roswell New Mexico numbered nau ht twent — _ eight thousand two, hundred and eighty, inade by Lorinda B. Spehman, on March second, nineteen hundred and fourteen, for the east half of the southeast quarter, northwest quarter of the southeast quarter, and northeast quarter of the southwest quarter, section gghitsieéili township eight south, range eleven east, New Mexico Wum Humphrm t%Ho§1lesteaddentx;;¤,ii?anta Fe, NéewbMe%§i3§6 numbered naught eighn thousand an ty-six ma e y nHu1n hrieso March fourth, nineteen hundred aind thirteen, for the soliith halfl of the nortl31westtquar;2§r zpld nortrltrhhalf of the soutllrpestliguarter, section _ ._ nine een owns p ee no range ten east ew exic m `d` . ¤¤ii3i»`§°§i¤iii(i»¤1ii¤lf1?ll Sec._2’. That the Secretary yof the Interior: be, and heois iiidrdiig, — mm N GMM augrorized tg alloiw the following applications to make entry: ‘ _ omestea app `cation Las Cruces New Mexico numb d ht mne thousand and forty; filed on December firstfnirieteiliii hiihldged and thuteen, by John N. Gordon_for the east half of the southwest quarter, section seven, township sixteen south, range four west, New Mexico meridian, subject to the terms, provisions, and limitations of www E H { d thilreclamation Alot. · °S"’ · omestea app `cation Roseb Or on, u b i d ht t thousand ind f(£`rty-sixhmi;&1e by HoIsfdiid(diiMIsi,E1ih1li(*i,rr1int-Eli? nineteen un e an teen for ninet and t , - hundredths acres of land, described as lot tvivo, nortl;(;;§t?dda1rt<;·ndf the northeast quarter, north half of the southwest quarter of the northeast quarter, southwest quarter of the southeast quarter of the plprtheast quarter, southwest quarter of the northwest quarter of he southeatgt qua.r&¢§· of the nprtheast quarter, section three, towns 1p seven en sou ran e e even west Wil] tt ’d' _ -

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_ o_escr1 asoows: eg1nn1ng` t `tfift d thxrty-six one—hundredths chains ehst of the <;1a.?t¢i)r01d]omer€?>Irisl:1he north Inge rgnsectgon three, township seventeen south rangleiueleven wes ,ex en gt ence twent —fi hnks h `d 7 ’ - ning south twenty-two degbieegc east gvgoeasndsl tgvgritggiiinea grizhundredths chains; thence south sixty-four de ees west three and eighty-eight one-hundredths chains ; thence song eleven degrees west one and t nrty one—hundredths chains ; thence south eleven degrees east two and nmetynine one—hxmdredths chains; thence south nince degrees gsi: gwo an fi1fty-six one-hundredths chains; thence south forty- egress eas one and fifty-three one—hundredths chain · h _ s, thence south sixty-four degrees east four and eight one—hnndredths chains' ghenézte dsouth sixty-three degrees_ east two and twenty-five one; Ognh e §h;,dct;11ams;_thence south eighteen degrees east one and fifty boe- (pn ft Ischains to a point where the strip closes on the eastern un ary 0 the original tract; second, beginning at a point fifteen