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SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ons. 206, 207, 221,222. 1916. 1321 Marietta, Ohio, and S. D. Camden and Henry H. Archer, of Parkersburg, West Virginia, for the land and water power at Dams Numbered Three, Four, Five, and Six on the Muskingum River, in the State of Ohio. Approved, June 30, 1916. _ Iune 30, 1916. CHAP. 207.-·An Act For the relief of D. A. Barbour and Andrew P. Gladden. lS· 4368-1 Be it meas at same mz House 0 Re egmmata one Uma: §,‘j"_i[“$,‘§,;}f,f,’;_f";§__, States of Ameriilcya in Congress assembled}? Tdiit the Secretary of the A1;)dmwP£?1¤¤ddm Tre be, and he is hereb , authorized and directed to pay to °ym°° °` D. A. Harbour and Andrew Gladden, 00¥i:1'hI16I'S, of Clarksburg, West Virginia, out of any money in the easury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of $758, due said Barbour and Gladden for material furnished by them in the performance of a certain contract between said firm and the Quartermaster of the United States Army for repairing barracks and constructing bathhouse and closets at Fort Monroe, Virginia, in compliance with the findings of the Court of Claims reported to Congress February twenty-sixth, nineteen hundred and seven. — Approved, Jime 30, 1916. Julys 1916. cnn. 221.-An Act Fa the rene: or Daniel M. Fmt. is-*3-1 Priva No.53. Be it enacted by the Senate and House ofR'ei_g;l¢·esentatives of the United ,;,,,,,1; Fm,} States of America in Congress assembled, at Daniel M. Frost be wH¤¤¤¤¤°•¤¤ wm authorized to make a homestead entry for an unappropriated of uarter ' section of public land, subject to said entry, as though his ormer entry num ered sixty-five hundred and uinety-five, Lamed, Kansas, series, had not been made. p . Approved, July 3, 1916. Jul 3,1916. CHAP. 222.-An Act Releasing the claim of the United States Govemment to lot numbered three hundred and six in the old city of Pensacola, Florida. lP'“`°*°· M- 5*1 Be it enacted by the Senate and House 0 Re esentattves 0 the United mmm States q" America in Congress assemble}; Tgdt the Secréllary of the item <>¥F$1¤ to Interior be, and he is hegeby, authorized and direplted tl? issue; a patent °""“ °w°"°"°°i“‘ remismg, reeasing, an uitc ` orever a rig t tit e, c aim,· and interest of the Unitedl Sta erica in and to lot numbered three hundred and six in the old city of Pensacola, in the coimt of Escambia and the State of Florida, to such person or persons, Sims or corporations, as shall make proof that he himself, or he and his grantor or grantors, has had continuous possession thereof under claim of ownership during the last twenty {ears next before the passage of this Act. Such patent, however s all be subject to any public easement or other adverse right sullered or granted by the patentee or his grantor. Approved, July 3, 1916.