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4].348 SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. CHS. 280-283. 1916. ·?§i1SI§·7éggi5- CHAP. 280.-—An Act For the relief of Elizabeth M. Dodge. [revue Ne. ve] Be it enacted by the Senate and House gif Representatives of the United $@1*-gf- States of America in Congress assemble , That the Secretary of the uthnsbsud. ’ Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized directed to pay, out of any mone s in the United States Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum o¥$1,000 to Elizabeth M. Dodge, widow of Wallace Dodge, in full of all claims she may have against the Government for the eath . of said Wallace Dodge while employed by the United States as teamster in the Q;1m.rtermaster’s De artment at the Presidio of Monterey, California, w ere on the ninth diaiy of June, nineteen hundred and mne, he_was shot and killed by a stray bullet from the gun of some member of Troop D, Fourteenth Regiment United States Cavalry, at target practice. Approved, August 7, 1916. Ai§§7§£;t;. ’ *

 CHAP. 281.-—An ActFor the relief of Collector of Internal Revenue A. S. Walker.

Be ·itena.ctedby theSenate and House q`Re entatixvesof the United éiésliidw States of America in O ess assembled, Tghisthe Secretary of the '°"°““° "°°°““”‘ Treas be, and he ignhhreby, authorized and directed to credit A. S. mer, the collector of internal revenue of the State of Texas and his accounts with the sum of $683.33}, the value of internal revenue stamps charged to him, stolen, lost, or accidentally destroyed at Austin, Texas, in the spring and winter of nineteen hundred and fourteen. Approved, August 7, 1916. August 7, 1916.

 CHAP. 282.-An Act For the relief of Frank P, Sammons.

(Private, -'o. . Be it enacted by the Senate and House (gf Representatives of the United gbffaig 2?f",§’,°§'§; States of America in Congress assemble , That there be, and there is i¤¤°¤· hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury of the United States not otherwise appropriated, the sum of $100, the same to be paid to Frank P. Sammons, of Davenlport, Iowa, as compensation for npuries received by the said Frank . Sammons while an employee o the United States Government at the Rock Island Arsenal, on August twenty-fourth, nineteen hundred and four. Approved, August 7, 1916. Aiiigust 1, wie.

 cnn-. 2ss.-Au Act For the rene: or oyme nsmey.

[Private. No. 73.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House o Re esentatives 0 'the United §iY,'§t,§‘.,IQ‘,°{”{’E.,'j ,0, States of America in Congress assembled; Tgdt the Secreiary of the ¤°°“* °’ h‘“b°¤°· Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to pay out of any monefy in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to Cyntha Ramey,_o Praise, Pike County, Kentucky, wi ow of Marion Ramey, who while in the discharge of his duties as a. posseman, having been duly summoned by and acting with J. M. Potter, a de uty United States marshal, was murdered on April fourth, nineteen Eundred and thirteen, by vmlators of the United States internal—revenue laws, the sum of $1,000, on account of the murder of her said husband. Approved, August 7, 1916.