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1236 SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 62. 1916. a pension at the rate of $40 per month in lieu of that he is now recervmg. ¤¢¤'¤¤ A·B°*'¤¤d· The name of Melissa A. Borland, widow_of Jose-1Hlh Borland, late of Compames A and I, Forty-eighth Regiment I nors Volunteer _ Infantry, and pay her a pension at the rate of $24 per month 1Il lieu Q§,°Q;§‘;§ to ,,m,0,, of that she is now receivmg: Provided, That in the event of the death deem ¤i¤1¤1¢ of Sadie Borland, helpless and dependent child of said Joseph Bor- Pmm to cmd on Begg, the addi?onahg>eni_slion herein granted shall c(ease anctl determine: _ promded` url , at in the event of the eath 0 Me issa A. dmummmm Borlanld the) name 02 said Sadie Borllaigihall be placed on thelpension ro , su `ect to the provisions an `tations of the pension laws at the rate of $12 r month from and after the date of death of said Melissa A. Borlanclle D¤vi<1M<¤¤ry- The name of David McCrory, late of Compan K E` ht -fifth Regintiegt Ohio Volr1l§1teeri1Infa%r1t£y, and pay himya pensili gi; the rate 0 27 per mont in `eu o t at e is now receivin . R¤¤¤¢ A- Erm- The name of Robert A. Evins, late of Company E, Tgirtieth Regiment Kejntucky pfolunteer Morlilnteill Infentry, and pay him a pensron at the rate 0 $30 r mont in 'eu o that he is now `v1ng` . rmt supmgex. The name of Jacob greipinger, late of Company C, One heuiildred and ` §‘f.Y.‘2?§§`§*iie1}%°£Z0°E§‘i¤$i‘i’t“1‘¥'uI`¥*l"1E‘t*E’{; ed *’“" mm ° n e 0 a ers now reoervm . E°“"· S°°“· _ '{lhe nam; of Edgar J §>ot%_ late of1C0mpanIygfB,·One hundred angd erg ty-nint egiment ew ork Vo unteer antry, and pay him a pension at the rate of $24 per month in lieu of that he is now re- · cervmg. ’“""*`· H“°*’· The name of John T. Hatch, late of Company G, Forty-fifth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and Comgany I, One hundred and thirty-fiftlg éilegrmentflgdiana Volunteer hnfantry, and pay him a pension a e rate o 27 per month in `eu of that he is now recervmg. s“"·‘··N*°"“'S· The name of Sarah A. Nichols, widow of Henry B. Nichols, late of Company C, Nineteenth Regiment Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, and_pay her a_pension at the rate of $30 per month in lieu of that she IS now receiving.

  • “““° G"“’>’· C0';1l;em;15ar1§a if Atflgé Cradydyidow [pf Xlfdmund (giagly, late of

_ irs egrmen nneso a o unteer av and ay lhgcixwpnzisroh at the rate of $20 per month in lieu of that she is rihw

    • “"’““"‘· The fpallrne gm?} Mary Meléeg viridew of Albert C. Mellor, late of Company , irs e 1ent `o ounteerlnf t , d h -

Pmsim src'?} at the ratefo§I:§20 per énonth in lieu of lhlaltyshienis Eggs, rzloelivlicng. K¤.ggieBarmn. 10 name 0 aggre arron widow f P t k B ali Patrick Ryan, late of Company I, Eigh%-ei ahishc Re,g§ Nel; York Volunteer Infantry, and Company , éighteenth Regiment

·Ien Reserve Corps, and pay her a pension at the rate of $12 per

$F.’i“.£.?.i?‘£°.“:°;.?; The mime ci wemm A. smwn, widow of Edward o. Brown late captain and aide-de-camp, United States Volunteers, and pay her a

·=·=e¤..,... p“f—i}§?1Z£1`2.h$r’i—if11?·iZ?él£?.im°?hi“}ii?¢ °i““i¥ S? is “‘H“’ '°°°"”‘”g·

¤¤¤¤s - - _ _ W1 0W0 Ssey . mith ate of CompanyD,Th1rdRe tMiss 'Vl te ’ pm,0Hs,,,,,,,,,s,,,, P€¤Si0H at the l‘&teggil;Il2 1- Sllghltbfl lm Gr Cavahy and pay her 8 amt sms, ‘ The name of Jacob Sidi; late of Com an A O . . _» P Y , ne hundred and 11mety-fourth Regiment Ohro Volunteer Infantry, and pav him a pen- . sron at the rate 0 $27 per month in lieu of that he is nowlreceivino S¤¤¤¤¤¤ M· Fmker. The name of Susanah M. Fraker, widow of Robert M. Fraker {late ef Company E, Sixth Regunent Missouri Volunteer Cavalry, and pay gc? pension at the rate of $30 per month in lieu of that she is new