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PROCLAMATIONS, 1915. 1737 nor py guy other cg the albove-ipentiongd proclamwons ui geserve any an not imme 1ate y ereto ore em in a ationa orest nor to exclude any land except the areas indicated as eliminationsi on the diagrams orming parts of the proclamations for the said Paulina, Crater and Fremont Forests. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caged the scilal of theflfnited States to be aihxed. d one at the ity 0 Washington this nineteenth a of July in the year of our Lord one thousand nine liundred and [san.] fifteen, and of the Inde endence of the United States the one un re an ortiet . h d d d f gl W Woonnow ILSON By the President: Ronmrr Laivsmo, Secretary of State. BY THE Pnnsmmrr or run Uzvrrnn Sryrns or Aunmca J“lY1°»m5·__ A PROCLAMATION , WHEREAS it appears that the public good will be promoted by *"°'“°“' ““‘i°”°' excluding from the Fremont National Forest within the State of F¥reS¤=ii¤¤(l>r1:f Oregon, cerltain gfetas, restpréng the public thergin a. vow; P H3 mannerauthoriz yte cto ongressapprov ptem erf- *‘ ‘ tieth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, entitledp"An Act To authorize the President to &ré>rv1d;l a mgthod E opening lands relstored from reservation or wi aw an or o er purposes ’· an WHEREAS a portion of the area heretofore constituting the Pau- *"’“· P- *738- lina National Forest should be transferred to and made a part of the Fremont liationgl F$Vre§gD OW N d f h Now there ore , R i ent o the Mw ¤¤¤<1i¤¤¤1- United, Stgntgs of America, bydvliftue of th; powler in Q6 Eesictgd by V°'· 3°· P- 3**- the Act 0 ongress approve une ourt , ei teen un an ninety-seven (30 Stat., 11 at 34 and 36), entitid "An Act Making appropriations for sundry;]-lfztivil expenses of the Government for the fiscal year ending June t ieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, and for other purposes", do proc aim that the boundaries of the Fremont National Forest are ereby changed to exclude the areas shown as eliminations upon the diagram hereto annexed_and forminj a part hereof, and to include the portion of the Paulina Nation Forest indicated thereon and upon the diagram forming part of the roclamation signed this date excluding certain lands from the Paulina Natginal Foligest anl;1 transfeninsg1);Sel§·emmnm(g gprtionixthereof in sever parce to the Fremont, c utes an ater ationa _ Forests res ectively; and that this proclamation and the proclama- PM';) ms` tions }for tlie §aid1Paulina, Craterband Desghuttes Forelgs are apd ‘*"°‘·*’*"""5·"“ shall >o eonsi erce as one act to ccome e ec ive sun taneous y; and that it is not intended by this proclamation, nor by any other of ‘“`°° °”"°'°°‘ the above mentioned proclamations to reserve any land not immediately heretofore embraced in a National Forest, nor to exclude any land except the areas indicated as eliminations on the diagram form- _ ing a part hereof and on the diagrams forming parts of the proclamations for the said Crater and aulma Forests. _ _ E L ded 18 A And I do further proclaim mild make knoyn thzat in my ]udgmen¥ S,0,§§§,..,,l,,$,e§,_'°‘ it is wo er and r ceesary in the interest 0 equa op rtumty am gozicllaclgiinistratiiiri tliat all of such excluded lands sugiizct to disposition should be restored to settlement in advance of entry, and gprsuant to the authority reposed in me by the aforesaid Act of .p- X-_,,_3S}p_,,,,_ tember thirtieth, nineteen hundred and thirteen (38 Stat., 113), I