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1756 PROCLAMATIONS, 1915. °°’¢°*>°*1°,*”15· BY rm: Pnnsmnrrr or mn UNITED Srams or Anmmca A PROCLAMATION. mgm, ·¢¢· , a Joint Resolution of Coniess, approved March 14th, vo1.a1,pZew. 1912, reads and provides as follows :——"T at whenever the President shall find that in any American country conditions of domestic violence exist which are promoted by the use of arms or munitions of war procured from the United States, and shall make roclamation thereof, it shall be unlawful to export except imder sucli limitations and exceptiom as the President shall prescribe any arms or munitions of war from any place in the United States to such country until otherwise ordered y the President or by Congress"; And whereas, it is provided by Section H o the said Joint Resolution, "That any shipment of material hereby declared Imlawful after such a. proclamation shall be punishable by a Hne not exceeding ten thousand dollars, or imggrgfisonmmt not exceeding two years, or both": Declaration of ex- Now, therefore, I, oodrow Wilson, President of the United 'j,‘§,‘§'i$,‘}§‘,};'l,},€‘;?$‘°‘°"’°' States of America, acting imder and by virtue of the authorit conferred in me by the said Joint Resolution of Congress, do lllereby declare and proclaim that I have found that there exist in Mexico such conditions of domestic violence ggomoted by the use of arms or munitions of war Ikrocured from the nited States as contemplated by the said Joint esolution; and I do hereby admonish all citizens o the United'States and every person to abstain from every violawarning against il- tion of the provisions of the Jomt Resolution above set forth, hereb ,,,."",,‘§',,,,§¥f",,(*§;‘§f,_ °' made applicable to Mexico, and I do herellgy wam them that ad violations of such provisions will be rig0ro_t0(y‘§>rosecuted. And I hggim *° °¤*°*°° do hereby enjoin upon all officers of the Um tates, charged with ` the execution of the laws thereof, the utmost diligence in preventing violations of the said Joint Resolution and this my Proclamation issued thereunder, and in bringing to trial and punishment any offenders against the same. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. Done at the City of Washington this nineteenth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and [sun.] nfteen and of the Independence of the United States of America the one hundred and fortieth. Woonaow Winsor By the President: Ronmzr Laxsrxo, Secretary of State. - °*=°°"·'”°·‘°'5· Br rtw Pamsmmm or rm: UNITED Srrarns or Anmmoa A PROCLAMATION ,9§f°“’“€*‘”'“g D°Y· It has long been the honoured custom of our people to turn the Prmmblv- fruitful autumn of the year in praise and thanksgiving to Almighty God for his many blessings and mercies to us as a nation. Thefyear that is new drawing to a close since we last observed our day o national thanksgiving has been, while a year of discilpline because of the mighty forces of war and of change which have isturbed the world, also a year of special blessing for us. _ Another year of eace has been vouchsafed us: another year IH which not only to tallre thought of our duty to ourselves and to mankind but also to adjust ourselves to the many responsibilities thrust upon us by a war which has involved almost the whole of Europe.