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1768 PROCLAMATIONS, 1916. seven (30 Stat., 11 at 34 and 36), entitled "An Act Makingl appropriations_for };>xpexises ofhthed;}céverri11ent for t le iiscag ear ending une t ret , ei teen im e an ninet -e` t, an Kar other purposes", do jifoclsgim that the boundaries otytlig Chelan National orest are here y changed to exclude the areas indicated as elipimations on the diagram hereto annexed and forming a part ereo . ¥;°*" "*”*d'°,,,,'Q,‘,°_{ And I*do also proclaim that the followmg` described lands excluded OD. 6 ii) U mm from the Chelan National Forest by this proclamation are h reby temporarily withdrawn under authority of the Act of June twenty- fifth, nineteen hundred and ten (36 Stat., 847), as amended by the Act of Augxst twenty-fourth, mneteen hundred and twelve (37 St%:{,14S;7)§orRdalssi:Ff§ca§1I<5141i gswto tgée jéogiegc value thereof: . 6 . . 9 . }, c. 1'· Sain T. 27 N., R. 19 ,E., E} NE}, ll} NW}, NE} SW} and SE} . 26; In T. 25 N., R. 20 E., Lots 1 and 2 Sec. 4, NE} NE}, NW} NW},

  ;0, NW} SW}, S} SW}, SE} SE} Sec. 14,

an . 4; an · 8: 7 l` 1 • 18, §“vl;2§E§"e?; 2° %;’tl"*N%**i?* Eli? Eli} §%”v§S§;i; 6* Sli}, NE}, NE} SW}, SE} SW} and SE} Sec. 20, SW} NE}, N} NW}, SE} NW}, NE} SW}, NW} SE}, S} SE} Sec. 28, } NW}, N} SV%"}mW} SE}MSec. 34; ` amette eri . ,,§§'§‘,§’?,§,’,u;",§’,2’,,,_'* And I do further proclaim and make known that in my judgment it is proper and necemagi in the interest of equal opportumty good administration that of the remaming exclu ed lands subject to disposition should be restored to settlement in advance of entix, and VoL38,p.113. ursuant to the authority reposed in me by the aforesaid ct of September thirtieth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, I do hereby _ direct and provide that such lands, subject to valid riglhts and the T“"°°'°*’°"l°" provisions of existing withdrawals or reservations, sha be opened and become subject to settlement only, under the general provisions of the honiiesgead laws, dat and dbut ppt lip care, mgitehidclock . ., t r time,on esixty- r aya ert e aeo sprocllaitlatibiiilahd to entry and other disposition under any public land law applicable thertilto, atfand afgeri but not before, nine o’clock a. m., th n` t ·iirst a a ter said ate. w§.'§°#iZ$“{E`Z?,§Z 0nPer;ori:Bwlio go upybn any of the lands to be restored as herein all provided and perform any act of settlement thereon from and including the date of this pgclamation imtil nine o’c1ock a. m., standard time, on the sixty-t d day from and after the date hereof, or who are on or are occupying any part of such lands at said_ hour, except those having ga `d subsisting cpiettlefpeplt mitiaéted rior to reservaton an since maintam , an t ose a pre er- $§ilY§°§T‘§$’T°d" gnces to make dntry under the provisions of the Act of Ilongress approved June eleventh, nineteen hundred and six (34 Stat., 233), entitled "An Act To provide for the entry of Agricultnral lands within forest reserves/’ and Acts amendaézvogiy, will be considered and dealt with as tres assers and preference be given the prior legal E _ _ _ I pjpplicant, notwithstanding such unlawful settlement or occupancy:

¤w§°lm`°°°°"” °` rovidcd, however, that nothing herem shall prevent persons from

going upon and over the lands to examine them with a view thereafter to going upon and making settlement thereonwhen the lands P _ I shall become su ject thereto in accordance with this proclamation. dg,§§t§_ “°°°”'°“° Persons havinglprior settlement rights or preferences, as above defingd, be a owed to make entry in con ormity with existing law an regu ations. ‘°°“H°°°°d‘ It is not intended by this proclamation to reserve any land not immediately heretofore embraced in a national forest nor to exclude