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1806 PROCLAMATIONS, 1916. Rims °' °"*'“‘°'“¤- 7. Retaining another person to go beyond the limits of the United States with intent to be entered into service as aforesaid. (But the said act is not to be construed to extend to a citizen or subject of any of the belligerents who, being transiently within the United States, shall, on board of any vessel of war, which, at the time of its arrival within the United States, was fitted and equip ed as such vessel of war, enlist or enter himself or hire or retain anoilier subject or citizen of the same belligerent, who is transiently within the United States, to enlist or enter himself to serve such belli erent on board such vessel of war, if the United States shall then he at peace with such belligerent.) - 8. Fitting out and arming, or attempting to tit out and arm, or procuring to be fitted out and aimed, or knowingly being concerned in the furnishing, fitting out, or arming of an shi or vessel with intent that such ship or vessel shall be employed, in the service of any of the said belligierents. 9. or elivering a commission within the territory or jurisdiction of e United States for any ship or vowel to the intent that she msglbe employed as aforesaid. 10. creasingnor augmenting, or procuring to be increased or augmented, or owing y being concerned in inere or augmenting, the force of any ship of war, cruiser, or other arm§ vessel, which at the time of her arrival within the United States was a shi of war, cruiser, or armed vessel in the service of any of the said bellligerents, or belonging to the subjects of ani, by adding to the number of guns of such vessels, or by changing t ose on board of her for guns of a larger calibre, or by the a dition thereto of any equipment solely applicable_to war. O 1 1 . Beginning or setting on foot or providing or preparing the means for any military expedition or enterprise to be carried on from the territory or jurisdiction of the United States against the territories or dommions of any of the said belligerents. ,,g§r{§1°,;_"°°“'S °' b°" And I do hereby furtherdeclare and proclaim that any frequenting ,g_m¤:_n&¤mm.mrer- and use of the waters within the territorial jurisdiction of the Unite ” States by the armed vessels of a belligerent, whether public ships or privateers for the purpose of preparing for hostile operations, or as posts of observation upon the ships of war or rivateers or merchant ` vessels of a belli erent lging within or being about to enter the jurisdiction of the United tates, must be regarded as unfriendly and offensive and in violation of that neutrality which it is the determination of this government to observe; and to the end that the hazard and inconvenience of such apprehended practices may be avoided, I further proclaim and declare t at from and after the 18th of Sepltember, instant, and during the continuance of the resent hosti `ties, no ship of war or privateer of any belli erent shall be permitted to malcense of any port, harbor, roadsteag or other waters within the jurisdiction of the United States as a. station or place of resort for any warlike purpose or for the purpose of obtaining any facilities of warhke equipment; and no ship of war or privateer of any belliverent shall be permitted to sail out 0 or leave any port-, harbor, roaditead, or waters subject to the jurisdiction of the United States from which a yesel of an opposing belligerent (whether the same shall_ be a ship of Wal', a. prxvateer, or a merchant ship) shall have previously departed, until after the expiration of at least twenty-four hours from the depjarture of such—mentioned vessel beyond the jurisdiction of the 'mted States. If any ship of war or {privateer of a belligerent shall, after the time this notification takes e ect, enter any port, harbor, roadstead, or waters of the United States, such vesse shall be reqiured to depart and to put to sea within twenty-four hours after her entrance into such port, harbor, roadstead, or waters, except in