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PROCLAMATIONS, 1916. 1807 case of stress of weather or of her re ui rovisions or th1ngs` necessary for the subsistence of her crevii, glllnll repairs; in any of which cases the authorities of the port or of the nearest port (as the case may be) shall reqhuire her to put to sea as soon as possible after the expiration of suc period of twenty-four hours, without rrnitting her to take in supp `es beyond what may be necessary for hier immediate use; and no such vessel which may have been permitted to remain within the waters of the United States for the purpose of repair shall continue within such port, harbor, roadstead, or waters for a longer period than tweny-four hours after her necessary repairs shall have been completed, unless within such twenty-four hours a vessel, whether ship 0 war, privateer, or merchant shi of an 0 posing belligerent, shall have departed therefrom, in whic£ case the time limited for the departure of such ship of war or privateer shall be extended so far as may be necessary to secure an interval of not less than twenty-four hours between such departure and that of any shi of war, privateer, or merchant ship of an o posing belligerent which may have {previously quit the same port, hargmr, roadstead, or waters. No ship 0 war or privateer of a belligerent shall be detained in any port, harbor, roadstead, or waters o the United States more than twenty-four hours, by reason of the successive departures from such port, harbor, roadstead or waters of more than one vessel of an olpiposing belligerent. But there be several vessels of otgposing be gen ents in the same port, harbor, roadstead or waters, e order of t cir de arture therefrom shall be so arranged as to afford the opportunity of lea alternately to the vessels o the opposing belliferents, and to cause the least detention consistent with the objects 0 this tpgoclamation. No ship of war or privateer of a belligerent shall permitted, while in apy port, harbor, roadstead, or waters within the . jurisdiction of the mted States, to take in any snjpplies except provisions and such other things as may be requisite or the subsistence of her crew, and except so much coal only as may be sufficient to carry such vessel, if without any sail power, to the nearestgsort of her own country; or in case the vessel is rigged to go under s , and may also be pro lled by steam tpower, then with half the quantity 0 coal which slliee would be enti ed to receive, if dependent ufpon steam alone, and no coal shall be again supplied to any such ship 0 war or privateer in the same or any other port, harbor, roadstead or waters of the United States, wit out special permission, until after the expiration of three months from the time when such coal may have been last supplied to her within the waters of the United States unless such ship of war or privateer shall, since last thus supplied, have entered a port of the government to which she belongs. S H t mn I And I do further declare and proclaim that the statutes and the ;,.,§,§m§§,`$.i_ ‘ Y ° treaties of the United States and the law of nations alike require that no erson, within the territory and jurisdiction of the United States, shag take part, directl or indirectly, in the said wars, but shall remain at eace with all of the said belligerents, and shall maintain a strict and) impartial neutrality. _ Omni 09 of law And I do hereby enjoin all citizens of the United_States, and allsnjcmaam ‘ S ersons residing or being within the territory or jurisdiction of the United States, to obserye the laws thereof, and to commit no act contrary to the provisions of the said statutes or treaties or in violation of the law of nations in that behalf. Mum d { hem And I do hereby warn all citizens of the United States, and all {jg- mm pr¤i¤°ftit$i1. g` sons residing or being within its territory or jurisdiction that, w e the free and full expression of sympathies in public and private is not restricted by the laws of the United States, military forces in aid of a belligerent cannot lawfully be originated or organized its Coummd of Y jurisdiction; and that, while all persons may lawfully and without as “ restriction by reason of the aforesaid state of war manufacture and