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4 1810 PROCLAMATIONS, 1916. per acre for the land, in addition to the regular fee and commissions, 25 cents per acre at the time of making entry and 25 cents per acre gach anddevery year thereafter until the full sum of $1.25 shall have een ai . sk};S°°S md °°”“”*" 8. like and OammwZss~ipn.s.—'l`he regular land office fee and commis- ° — sions required on entries of these ands for 40 acres is $6.50; on entries {or 80 acres, $8; on entries for 120 acres, $14.50, and on ‘ entries or 160 acres, $16. se§v°§, d°P°°*°¤ ’°‘ 9. Goal Za.nds.—The schedule indicates that certain lands have ` been classified as coal lands. These lands subject to disposition under the homestead laws, but the homestead a plicant must agree to a reservation to the United States of the coal deposits therein and of the right in the United States, or those claiming throu h the United States, to prospect for, mine and remove the same. Tge coal deposits shall be subject to disposal by the United States under the E coal lavirsnltppelacable thereto. Th h ad d 10. rg .— e enlarged omeste act a ove °ri’fZ1‘li§°i’? ii. em. February 19, 1909 (35 Stat., 639), shall not apply to these six months after the lands have been opened to settlement and entry, and not then unless the lands have been designated under the act. my brig; _*g”=°***°· _ 1 1. Settlevgtent bqforc e·n;try.—No right can be acquired under the pro- ` visions of this Proclamation by settlement before entry until after the expiration of the period for simultaneous applications, mentioned in paragrap 2, and no right can be_acq y settlement to more than 160 acres, until after the expiration of six months from the date the lands become subject to entry, and until the lands have been designated under the enlarged homestead act. °°¤¤¤'·=*=i¤¤¢*¤*'¤· 12. Completion of Title.-Title to these lands may be acquired by complying with the three year homestead law, or commutation proof may be submitted on all homestead entries, except entries made under the enlar ed homestead act, which are not subject to commutation. °°¤¤¤¤*~¤¤°¤ P'*°*·= In case og commutation of a homestead entry, however, the entryman will be required to pay in addition_ to the price xed for entry, the sum of $1.25 per acre as consideration for the privilege of commutation.

  • `°"°**°'°· °**‘~· '°' 13. F eiturc for mm- yment and reent o lands.-In case any

mm3ymm` entrymazjfails to make igila annual paymexilsflar any of them when due, all right in and to the lands covered by his entry shall cease; and any ayments theretofore made shall be iorfeited and the entry canceled? In the event of the cancellation of an entry for any cause, the land shall be again subject to entry under the provisions of the homestead law at the price fixed there or by the former entry; but in all pgsesézhe amountf of purchase money must be paid on or before e 0 er o a roo .

  • ‘°¥‘“““°'“·°“· 14. Forms, ml; and rei¢§ula¢i0ns.—-The Secretary of the Interior is

hereby authorized to ma e any necessary additional reigulations to ven. p. carry the rovisions of this Proclamation and the act of ebruary 11, 1915 (38 Slat., 807) into full force and effect. In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. Done at the Cit of Washingon this second day of Qctober, in the year of, our Lord ineteen hundred and sixteen and of [sun,.] the Independence of the United States the one hundred and forty-first. Woonaow Winsor: By the President, Ronnnr Lxxsme Secretary of State.