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lations made in pursuance thereof, to wit: For maintenance and hospital charges, food, medicines, and supplies, rental of quarters, including repairs and alterations thereto, salaries of officers and employees, furniture, fuel, light, water, and all contingent and miscellaneous expenses incident to the object stated, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of Labor, $1,000,000.



House of Representatives.


Section 1.Henry T. Helgesen. Pay to widow.To pay the widow of Henry T. Helgesen, late a Representative from the State of North Dakota, $7,500.

Stationery.For stationery for the use of the committees and officers of the House, fiscal year nineteen hundred and seventeen, $1,000.

Sec. 2. Appropriations available during 1917 and 1918.That the appropriations contained in this Act, unless otherwise specified herein, shall be available during the fiscal years nineteen hundred and seventeen and nineteen hundred and eighteen.

Sec. 3. Payment of prior emergency obligations.That the appropriations contained herein shall be available for the payment of obligations on account of the existing emergency incurred prior to the passage of this Act and which are properly chargeable to such appropriations.

Sec. 4. Term of service under draft and war enlistments.
Ante, p. 76.
That the service of all persons selected by draft and all enlistments under the provisions of the Act entitled "An Act to authorize the President to increase temporarily the Military Establishment of the United States," approved May eighteenth, nineteen hundred and seventeen, shall be for the period of the war, unless sooner terminated by discharge or otherwise. Compulsory, to cease four months after peace proclaimed.Whenever said war shall cease by the conclusion of peace between the United States and its enemies in the present war, the President shall so declare by a public proclamation to that effect, and within four months after the date of said proclamation or as soon thereafter as it may be practicable to transport the forces then serving without the United States to their home station, the provisions of said Act, in so far as they authorize compulsory service by selective draft or otherwise, shall cease to be of orce and effect.

Sec. 5. Detailed statement of all expenditures to Congress.That, in addition to the reports now required by law, the Secretaries of the Treasury, War, and Navy shall each on the first Monday in December, nineteen hundred and seventeen, and annually thereafter, transmit to the Congress a detailed statement of all expenditures under this Act.

Approved, June 15, 1917.

June 15, 1917 [H. R. 291.]
[Public, No. 24.]
Chap. 30.—An Act To punish acts of interference with the foreign relations, the neutrality, and the foreign commerce of the United States, to punish espionage, and better to enforce the criminal laws of the United States, and for other purposes.

National defense, espionage, neutrality, etc.Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled:




Section 1. Offenses designated.
Obtaining information for injury to the United States at places connected with national defense.
That (a) whoever, for the purpose of obtaining information respecting the national defense with intent or reason to believe that the information to be obtained is to be used to the injury of the United States, or to the advantage of any foreign nation, goes upon, enters, flies over, or otherwise obtains informa-