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CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS OF CONGRESS. FIRST SESSION, SIXTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. •’°m"` MEE“NG· ·r·———·Ei.°°SZZ`l»?Z$ji1iZ3&.] Resolved, By the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That the two Houses of Congress assemble in the Hall of the House t Mig %¤;¤;crgL;¤=¤ of Representatives, on Thursday the sixth day of December, nine- ciiiiiimuiiilcation rm`; teen hundred and twenty-three, at twelve thirty o’clock in the after- “‘° P‘°‘*°°‘“· noon, for the purpose ofy receiving such communication as the President of the United States shall be pleased to make to them. Passed, December 6, 1923. · izounnr nncmss. [H. Con. Res., No. 7.] Resolved b tlw House of Re esentatives (the Senate corwurri ), _ That when Che two Houses adjourn on Thursday, Decemberngm H°hd” '°°°s°‘ 1923, they stand adjourned zmtil 12 o’clock meridian Thursday, 4 January 3, 1924. Passed, December 17, 1923. ximmomnn SERVICE TO LATE PRESIDENT inm>1NG. Whereas the sudden death of Warren G. Hardin , late President of M°”’°"°* °°”*°*? *0 the United States, occurred during the recess 0% Congress, and the mhdmtHMm° two Houses desire to give fitting ex ression to the general grief and to commemorate his most notablii services to his conmtry and the world: Therefore Be it resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate eoncurrin ), That the two Houses of Congress shall assemble in the hall of the ,j_f*E1f,u?;f°$'_;°:jd‘$ House of Representatives on the day and hour fixed by the joint February 2*7.1924. committee, to wit, Wednesday, February 27, 1924, at 12 o’clock meridian, and that in the presence of the two House there assembled an address upon the life and character of Warren G. Hardin , late b6¤{_,e3;g:ir·;1d¤<g,<1¤·¤;I¤¢¤ President of the United States, be pronounced by Honorable Ciarles cams a.n¤;i¤.°°' E. Hughes, and that the President pro tem ore of the Senate and the I¤“¤>*i°¤· Speaker of the House of Representatives Ee requested to invite the President and the two ex-Presidents of the United States, the former Vice President, the heads of the several departments, the judges of the Supreme Court, the ambassadors and ministers of foreign ovemments, the governors of the several States, the General of the irmies, and the Chief of Naval Operations to be present on that occasion; and Be it further resolved, That the President of the United States be ,,,°§}’,§ requested to transmit a copy of these resolutions to Mrs. Harding and to assure her of the profound sympathy of the two Houses of Coness for her deep personal affliction and of their sincere condolence fdr the late national bereavement. Passed, January 24, 1924. 1609