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TREATIES AND OONVENTIONS. Treaty between the United States and Costa Rica for the mutual extra- N¤v¤mber10.1922· dition of fugitive.? from justice. Signed at San José, November 10, 1922; ratijieation advise by the Senate, Febmgzy 8, 1923; ratified by Costa Reba, March 7, 1923; ratiyied by the Pre ent, April 11 1923; ratyications exchanged at San Jose, April 27, 1923; proclaimed, May 3, 1923. ‘ Br ·rn1: Pnnsmnm or Tun Umrnn Srsrms or Aimmoa. A PROCLAMATION. Whereas, a treat between the United States of America and the C.§§§§m°“ wm' Republic of Costa llica, providing for the mutual extradition of fugi- hmm tives from justice, was concluded and signed by their respective plenipotentiaries at San José on the tenth day of November, one thousand nine hundred and twenty-two, the original of which treaty, being in the English and Spanish languages, is word for word as follows: The Republics of the United Las Republicas de los Estados °“"“‘°““gP°"°"“ States of America and of Costa Unidos de América y do Costa Rica, desiring to assure the Rica, en el deseo de asegurar la prompt_ and emcient action of pronta. y elicaz accién de a justijustice lll punishing delinquents cia, castigando a los delincuentes who attempt to escape the pen- que intenten eludir la sancion alty prescribed by the Laws of previstafor las leryes de un pals one country by taking refuge in refugian ose en e otro, han rethe other, ave resolved to con- suelto celebrar un Tratado de clude a Treaty of Extradition. Extradicién. Al efecto,han nom- For that urpose they have brado como sus respectivos Pleninamed as tgeir respective Plen.i— potenciarios: potentiaries: The President of the United El Presidente de los Estados H°‘“*’°“"““’“· States of America, Mr. Roy Tasco Unidos de América, a Mr. Roy Davis, Envoy Extraordinary and Tasco Davis, Enviado Extraor- Minister Plenipotentiary of the dinario y Ministro Plenipotencia- United States of AmericainCosta rio de os Estados Unidos de Rica; and América en Costa Rica; y The President of the Republic El Presidente de la Republica of Costa Rica, the Secretary of de Costa Rica, al Sr. Secretario de State in the Office of Foreign Re- Estado en el Despacho de Relalations, senor José Andrés Coro- ciones Exteriores, don José Annado Alvarado; drés Coronado Alvarado; Who, after havin mutually Quienes, después de haberse cocommunicated their gull powers, municado mutuamente sus plenos and they being found in good and poderes, y encontrandolos en buedue form, have stipulated as fol- na y debida forma, han estipulado lows: lo siguiente: 1621