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1640 PARCEL Posr CONVENTION——POLAND. 1.;..F°b'“?'Y*9»1°“’· Parcel post convention between the United States and the Polish Re- ‘“"‘m’1m' publzc. Signed at Warsaw, February 19, 1923, and at Washzngton, Apr':] 26, 1923; approved by the President, May 7, 1923. CONVENTION, CONCERNING THE EXCHANGE OF PARCEL POST BE- TWEEN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND THE POLISH REPUBLIC. a · hm! V Th d ed lni te tiaries John _H. Bartlett Ac Postu°i1i¤§”$E$°? up mastgrugeiierg of th? States of America, and :TANuldAgOSZC- ZYNSKI, Director of the Ministry of Posts and Telegrglphs of the Polish Republic, for the p ose of improving) plcgstal r atipns between the United States oiuxmerica and the 0 h Republic, have concluded the dpresent agreement concerning the exchange of parcel post between e two countries. I Arrrrcnn I. S¢¤1>¤ <>f¢¤¤v¤¤**¤¤· The rovisions of the present convention tgpply exclusively to the ex arcel post between the Uni States of America and the Po Rilapublic. They do not, therefore, have any effect uppn the provisions of the Universal Postal Convention at present rc . · m O B ARTICLE II. mlgurgiclw Mruitted ¤¤ 1. In the United States of America, parcels may be mailed as ' ordinary articles (without declared value) and as registered articles. In Poland, orgy ordinary parcels may be mailed. Receipt 2. The sen er may, at the time of mailing, obtain a receipt in _ _ __ conformipy with the regulations of the country of origin. ,0;;gQQ$gg?“'§;P’”‘Y‘°'l 3. Ngi er of fthe coptracting Administratrons is responsible for oss or ama e o parce ~. Therefore ileithenthe hsender nor the addressee, in either country, has any right to claim mdemruty. Arcrrcnn III. D"“f’°“°°*; 1. No parcel may exceed 22 pounds (10 kilograms) in weight. L“““°"'“¤*‘*~ _ 2. No parcel may exceed the ollowing dimensions: Greatest length in any direction, 105 centimeters (3 feet 6 inches English measure); greatest)length and girth combined, 180 centimeters (6 feet English measure . ‘°***‘“"‘°¤‘ '°°’~*P‘· 3. Parcels whose weight pr dimensions exceed the limits indicated are not accepted for ma1l1ng._ If, through inadvertence, a parcel not conforming to the rules ard down is accepted and despatched, the country o destmatron IS obliged to accept such a arcel, only g1vmg_not1ce of the 1rregular1ty y Verrfication Certifiliate to the respect1ve office of exchange. Anrrcnn IV. “d'°”°¤"P°°“¤¢· 1. Each parcel shall bear the exact address of the addressee, and must be packed so as to withstand the length of the conveyance, and to preserve effectively the contents of the parcel. The packing