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1644 rancnr. POST 0ONVENTION———POLAND. P¤¤¤¤P*·i¤¤ <>* ds 7. If the des atching exchange office does not receive any bulletin me of verification gr advice of irregularity, it considers the despatch as ‘ regular in all respects and as duly received. Anrrcnn XII. msmwwh 1. Any missent parcel received is immediately retruned to the despatching exchange office. The sea transit charges in return are supported, as indicated in Section of this article, by the Administration responsible for the missending of the parcel. The error IS reported b means of a bulletm of verification. rwwwmmzmrza 2. Parcels reforwarded at the request of the sender or addressee, to the interior of the country of destination, or to other_countries, are liable to an additional charge to the profit of the Admmistration which reforwards the parcel. _ _ mI¤=¤¤**¥ *¤ ddi*’*· 3. Eve parcel which cannot be delivered as addressed, or which ' is refusedr`l>y the addressee, and which does not bear the notations Am. p.1m. rovided for in Section 2 of Article IV, must be returned to the ldespatching exch e office after a period of 30 days from the date of its arrival at the iixce of destination. R¤*¤¤’¤¢¤¤*¤¤- The Postal Administration of the country of 0 ` of the arcel is authorized to collect from the sender of a returned parcel a dharge equal to the original postage. 'I`he said Administration shall pay to the reforwardingl-Administration the sea transit charges for returned parcels: 1 gold anc for each parcel up to the weight of 5 ldlograms, · and 2 gold rancs for each parcel from 5 to 10 kilograms. fzuuféimm Parcels whose contents come within the prohib1tions of Article V ‘ ’°° are not returned to the country of origin but are treated in the manner pgegcribed by the domestic laws and regulations of the count o estmation. P°'*¤h¤b*¤ *¤**°'¤¤- 5. {Vixen the contents of a parcel which could not be delivered are liable to deterioration or corruption the parcel may be sold immediately, or, if for any reason its sale is impossible, it may be destroyed without previous notice. R°P°¤°*d*¤P°¤‘“°¤- 6. A report is made up of the sale or destruction of a parcel; one copy lof such report is transmitted to the oiHce despatching the parce . The sum realized by the sale of the pxarcel shall serve, in the first place, to pafy the charges with which the parcel is marked, and the t0iig·ence,d` any, shal be returned to the office of origin to be paid e sen er. Charms annulled on 7. The customs ch es and all other ch es a lied to arcels r°°°m°d °m°l°“` are annulled when theugarcels are returned tzlgriginllp P Arrrrcnn XIII. m*i¤*¤¤¤ *¤¢¤¤¤¤¤¤¤· The Pqtmaster General of the United States and the Director of the Mimstry of Posts and Telegra hs of the Polish Republic shall have authorigy jointly to make smgi further regulations of order and detail an to provide for such changes and modifications as may be deemed necessary to carry out the convention from time to time. Aizrrcnn XIV. m°"‘ **1** d¤¤¤¤¤- The present convention enters into force on April 1 1923· it shall remain in force until the contractinv arties suspend it by hommon consent, or upon the desire of one oiathem and bv means of previous notice given six months in advance. `