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1718 AGREEMENT-Nrrnnnrauns EAST INDIA. a bad odor, lottery tickets, lottery advertisements or lottery circulars; all obscene or immoral articles; articles which may in any way damage or destro the mails or injure the persons handling them, and ailrticllgs the ion of is not zuthorized by the customs r ther ws or r ations o B1 er coun ry. mom mm in. 3. All admissible articles of merchandise mailed in one country for the other or received in one country from the other, shall be ` free from any detention or inspection whatever, except such as is required for collection of customs duties, and shall be orwarded by the most speedy means to their destination, being sub]ect in the1r transmission to the laws and regulations of each country respectively. Article IV. P,g,*f;,°£*°“°°°‘ 1. A letterior communication of the nature of personal_ corre-` spondence must not accompany, be written on, or enclosed with any parcel. _ _ _ . R¤$¤¤¤¤¤i“·¤¤d· 2. If such be found, the letter will be placed in the mails if separable, and if the communication be inseparably attached, the whole package will be rejected. If, however, any suc should inadvertently be forwarded, the conmtry of destination will collect on the letter or gutters double rates of postage according to the Universal Postal onvention] N¤i¤¤1¤¤¤¤¤f¤¤<>¤¤¤ 3. No parcel may contain packages intended for delivery at an °dd”°°° address other than that borne b the parcel itself. If such enclosed packages be detected they must be sent forward singly charged with new and distinct parcel post rates. Article V. · R°°°’*°,'g°°*°¤°· 1. On parcels des atched from the United States of America to mum Shim Netherlands East l)ndia the latter country shall receive credit at the rate of frs. 2.10 and frs. 2.50 for parcels weighing up to 1 kilogram In Nmmmds Em and for parcels weighing over 1 and up to 5 kilo ams respectively, India- and on parcels despatched from Netherlands Elast India to the lgnited States of America the latter country shall receive credit at t e same rates. S°‘"‘°““"°"""’“‘ 2. Payment of sea transit'for the conveyance of parcels to the Sgiiggging gognpanieil will Ee made by the Administration to which t e ce 0 espatc is su ordinate. Ddivnry- 3. The parcels shall be promptly delivered to addressees at the Post Office of address in the country of destination free of charge for postage; but the country of destination may, at its option, levy and collect from the addressee for interior service and delivery a charge the amount of which is to be fixed according to its own regulations but which shall in no case exceed live cents in the United States of America or twenty-five cents in Netherlands East India for each parcel whatever its weight. Article VI. R°°°i¥"· 1. The sender may, at the time of mailing the package, receive a cer- _ tiiicate of mailing from the Post Office where the package is mailed. B°"““`¥"· 2. An acknowle (gment of the delivery of a parcel shall be returned to the sen er when reguested, but either country may require of the sender grepayment o a fee therefor not exceeding 5 cents in the United tates of America or not exceeding the single letter postage in Netherlands East India.