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CLAIMS CONVENTION—MEXICO. Smrrnmnnn 8, 1923. 1737 thereof be tiled with the Com- viene en que se dara el corresm1ssion_ withm thirty days after gondiente aviso a la Comision the decision and that the amount entro de los treinta dias siguien- Hxed lasstihaeuzalue <§ the priopeiity gazed a la resolucion y que lei cantiorrig t_ epai imma 'ate y. fi'ada como valor de a. pro- Upon failure so to pay the amount piedad 0 del derecho, sera pagada the; prgperty dor Biiight shall be mmediatgentel En degdectio dgl res ore imme at y. ago inm 'ato, a ro i a 0 gerecho sera restituiiio iinmediatamente. ARTICLE X. ARTICULO X. Each Government shall ay its Cada Gobierno ara su ro io E"P°"”- own Commissionrgi and biiar its Comisionado yL(¢;}1i<liJ§ara sugiipiip- ’M°’°`lm own expenses: e ex enses 0 10s astos. s gastos e a the Commission including the Somision, inclusive el sueldo del salary of the third Commissioner tercer Comisionado, se cubriran shall be defrayed in equal pro- or partes iguales por los dos portions by the two Governments. gobiernos. ARTICLE XI. ARTICULO XI. The mpresent Convention shall La presente Convencién sera thfg°h°¤g° °*”·°“‘°°· be ra; by the H1g(1; Contract}; Egtiiieada porl las Algas Partes ' mg_ ies in aecor ance wit ntratantes e acuer 0 con sus their respective Constitutions. res ectivas Constituciones. Ratiiications of this Convention fas ratiiicaciones de esta Conshall be exchanged in Washington veneion seran canjeadas en Washas soon_ as practicable and the ington tan pronto como sea prac- Convention shall take effect on tieable y la Convencion emiezara them date of the exchange of a siutii sus egiectos en la fee a del rat cations. cane e raf caciones. 1n_witness w]1ereof, the re- Eln testimonio de lo cual, los Si€¤°·¤¤°¤- spective Plempotentiaries have Plenipotenciarios rospectivos firsigeal and affixed their seals to marpln estaélfonveneion y fijaron t onvention. ene asus 0. Done in duiplicate at Washing- Hecha por dulplicado en Washton this eight day of September, ijigtou el dia oc 0 de Septiembre 1923. e 1923. Cnanuzs Evans Hucmzs [sur.] C1iAm.x~:s Bsncxmn WARREN [sm;.] Jour: Bairro}: Parma [san,.] MANUEL C. Tnmnz [smn] AND WHEREAS the said Convention, has been duly ratified on __h§n¤¤j,**¢¤¢i¤¤= •¤- both parts, and the ratifications of the two governments were ex- g° ' changed in the City of Washington, on the first day of March, one ' , , e it · own t at avin ooi ge, P¤>¤*¤¤¤¤¤°¤- mated ]»i%cEte$c§Emitw6¤&2’,;‘0m; 1. I C 1 C M President of the United States of America, haife caused the said Convention to be made public to the end that the same and every article and clause thereo , may be observed and fulfilled with good faith by the United States and the citizens thereof. IN T ESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the United States to be aiiixed. _ DONE at the cgity 0iiAW(zi.shi11gt§n, thisl third }day£f m the earo our or one thousand nine un e an wenty- {emu,.] Zim, and of the Independence of the United States of America the one hundred and forty-eighth. C arvm oousoan By the President: Cnanrns E. fiveuns Secretary of State.