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1858 (iRl·Z.\'l` nimuxix Axn X()ll'l”Ill·]l{N `ll{I·1l,.\Nl). ,',Q,'_j;f;Q'j;,‘jfj,, country) piorigin. Additional indicia may be required from time _ _ to time i ound necessa . ,.,3""°° M d”°”`g°‘ 5. Parcels bearing evidgce of violation or damage must have the facts noted on them and be marked with the stamp of the offico maliing the n0te,borfa doculméznt dravaing attention to the violation or amage must e orwar e with the arcels. S,,§f}"§§Q}§,‘Q,§§ “' “" 6. If aan insured parcel cannot be delivibred as addressed or is refused by the addressee, the parcel shall be treated in accordance with _ Article XV. Such a parcel if- returned, shall be returned as insured. R°`l‘“’°“’° p“'°°lS‘ 7. lVhen an insured parcel is redirected to either country or is returned to the country of origin, a new insurance fee shall be collected upon delive and retained by the country making the collectfion. The lgost Ogbehmaking delivery shall fix the amount of such ee in accor ance wit — its regu ations. v,;,'g§S*§"-*¤“Y P’°‘ 8. Except in cases of loss or damage througlh force majeure (causes beyond control) as that term is defined by the legal decisions of the countrg in the service of which the loss or damage occurs, when an insure parcel has been lost or damaged or all or part of its contents abstracted, the sender, or in default of or at the request of the sender, the addressee, shall be entitled to an indemnit_ corresponding to the actual amount, based on the actual value at the time of mailing, of the loss, abstraction, or damage, unless the damage has arisen from the fault or negligence of the sender or the addressee or the representative of either, or from the nature of the article, provided always that the inédenénéty dloueshnclpz exceed ghe sum fop which the parcel was insure an or w `c therequire insurance ee was pai . w};¢§g¤r§§rggu;gij1w¤· The sender of an insured parcel which has been lost, or of which ` the contents have been lost or completely destroyed in the post, shall also gse entiltiled to thefrpfurn of the postage. He is not, however, entitled to the return o the insurance ee. alggdwcglvgygtgggxig In case the sender of an insured parcel, with intent to defraud, mi wane. shall at any time allege the contents to be above their real value, he shall lose all claim to compensation or to the return of the postage, and the enforcement of this rule shall not prejudice any legal propleediiiigpdto which such fraudulent declaration may have rendered 1111 a e. i¤.i)£.°§1{§i°°°S'bI° M The obligation. of paying the indemnity shall rest with the country to which the mailing office is subordinate. That country can make a claim on the country responsible, that is to say, against the administration 051 the territlprylor in the service of which the loss, abstraction, or ama e too ace. Until the yedéntrary gi proved, responsibility for an insured parcel rests with the country which having received the parcel without makingdany observation cannot establish correct delivery or other roper is osition. P Responsibility for loss damage or for abstraction discovered by the receiving Office of Exchange at the time of opening the receptacles and duly notified to the despatching Office of Exchange by verification note shall fall upon the Administration to which the despatching Office of Exchange IS subordinate unless it be proved that the loss damage orAa1bstraction occurred during transit in the service of the receivin ministration. If tlig loss, abstraction, or damage occurred in the course of conveyance, and it shall not be possible to ascertain on the territory or in I trio serwgce og which ripipptbrg film lgss, abitraction, or damage took p ace, the in emnity s a s are equa y. mg? nggis fggilggtgpujj No responsibility will be admitted for insured parcels for which N-seriimaa. `” the sender or addressee or authorized representative of either has given a receipt and accepted delivery without reservation, nor for