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TR1·]A’l`Y »-]·Z.\S'l` AFRICA MANl)i\'Fl*I——BEL(QiIUM. Annu, 18, 1923. 1863 Treaty and Protocol between the United States and Belgium relating - .¤"’¥lU"·‘»‘”"· to rights in East Africa}. Signed at Brussels, April 18, 1923, and January 21, 1924,· raycation advised by the Senate, March 8, 1924; ratified by the Pres` ent, March 10, 1924; ratified by Belgium, October 20, 1.924; ratifcations exchanged at Brussels, November 18, 1924; proclaimed, December 6, 1924. Br THE PRESIDENT or THE Ul\"ITED STATES or AMERICA. A PROCLAMATION. WHEREAS a 'I`reaty between the United States of America and n_{F{{>:°¥ yj°*;,{;;l¤g*¤{g Belgium, in regard to the rights of the two Governments and their Edit [fines mandate. respective nationals in that part of the former German colony of "°“““"°‘ East Africa over which a mandate was conferred upon Belgium, was concluded and signed by their respective Plenipotentiaries at Brussels on the eighteenth day of April, one thousand· nine hundred and twentv-three, the original o which Treaty, in the English and French languages, is word for word as follows: TREATY TRAITE WITH BELGIUM CONCERN- AVEC LA BELGIQUE CON- ING HER MANDATE OVER CERNANT SON MANDAT THE TERRITORY OF RU- SUR LE TERRITOIRE DU ANDA-URUN DI. RUANDA—URUN DI. Whereas by article 119 of the Considérant ue par' l’article *°¤°¤¤°°d by Treaty of Peace sggned at Ver- 119 du Traité ile Versailles, du ` saillcs the 28th o. Jime 1919, 28 Juin 1919, l’Allemagne a Germany renounced in favor of renoncé en faveur des principales the Principal Allied and Asso- Puissances alliées et associées, a ciated Powers all her rights and tous ses droits et titres sur ses titles over her oversea posses- possessions d’outre-mer; sions; and Whereas by article 22 of the Considérant que par l’article d_gc¤*¤¤***>’ fsf ¤¤¤¤· same instrument it was provided 22 du dit Traité il a été sti ulé " ` that certain territories, which as que certains territoires qui, g la a result of the war had ceased to suite de la guerre, ont cessé be under the sovereignty of the d’étre sous la souveraineté des States which formerly governed Etats qui les gouvernaient pré- them, should be placed under the cédemment, seraient placés sous mandate of another Power, and le mandat d’une autre puissance that the terms of the mandate et que les termes du mandat should be explicigy defined in S€I‘8.1BBt·0XpY€SSéHl8I1l)déH11lS(l&I'1S each case by the ouncil of the chaque cas par le Conseil de la Lea e of ations; and Société des Nations; ‘ Vgliereas the benefits accruing Considérant que les avan- 13e¤ei1tsv confirmed to the United States under the tages résultant pour les Etats- l,%mf{E{K0S§§,°$°Z;°§f¥ aforesaid Article119 of the Treaty Unis de l’article 119 susmen- ’“““>`· ‘ of Versailles were confirmed by tionné du Traité de Versailles, the Treat between the United ont été confirmés par le Traité "°‘·‘*’·P—“’3"· States and Germany, signed on signé le 25 aout 1921 entre les August 25. 1921, to restore Etats-Unis ct l’Allemagne, en vue friendly relations between the de rétablir lcs relations amicales two nations; and entre les deux nations,