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(`ONYEN’l`lON—PANAMA. Juan (3, 1924. 1875 <bn·z.·¢·ntion bet»wee_n the United States and Panama for the renention .—@H°§A§*?;L... of smuggling of intoxicating liguors. Signed at Wiishington, June 6, 1924; ratiyication advised y the Senate, December 10, 192.4; ratyied by Panama, December S0, 1924; ratyied by the President, January 15, 1925; ratyications exchanged at Washington, January 19, 1925; proclaimed, January 19, 1925. BY THE PRESIDENT or THE UNITED STATES or AMEn1oA. A PROCLAMATION. WHEREAS a convention between the United States of America. ,,£,“,_§,’;§,°“,‘,§°“,,,,f§.L§f; and Panama to aid in preventing the smug ling of intoxicating liquors smuggling pr interminto the United States was concluded andg signed by their respective E{ISi§}u°rS’"°°L"i°°d Plenipotentiaries at Washington on the sixth day of June, one *’F°°“*"*°· thousand nine hundred and twentiy-four, the original of which convention, being in the English an Spanishs’1anguages,`isiiword for word as follows: The President of the United El Presidente de los Estados C°”"°°“¤€P°‘”°”· States of America and the Presi- Unidos de Américay el Presidente dent of the Republic of Panama de la Repfiblica de Panama, being desirous of avoiding any deseosos de evitar cualesquiera difficulties which might arise be- dificultades que uedan sur `r tween them in connection with entre ellos en relgcién con Ps-is the laws in force in the United leyes vigentes de los Estados States on the sub'ect of alcoholic Unidos en materia de bebidas beverages have decided to con- alcoholicas, han decidido celebrar clude a Convention for that una convencion con tal objeto y purpose, and have appointed as han nombrado como Plenipoten— their Plenipotentiaries: , · ciarios: · The President of the United El Presidente de los Estados P"`“i"°°°“""““· States of America, Charles Evans Unidos de América a Charles Hughes, Secretary of State of the Evans Hughes, Secretario de United States of America, and Estado de los Estados Unidos de América, y The President of Panama, Ri- El Presidente de Panama a cardo J. Alfaro, Envo Extraor- Ricardo J. Alfaro, Enviado Exdinary and Minister 1i‘lenipoten— traordinario y Ministro Plenipotiary of the Republic of Panama tenciario de la Republiea de in Washington, Panama en Washin ton, Who, having communicated guienes, habiéngose comuni— their full owers found in ood oa 0 sus Plenos Poderes, los que and due form, have agreed as han sido hallados en buena y follows: debida forma, han convenido en lo siguiente: ARTICLE I. ARTICULO I. The High Contracting Parties Las Altas Partes Contratantes ,,0'f,°{g{§,j?{,i_3,`*_l_ l“'*Sd*°‘ declare that it is their firm in- declaran que es su firme intentention to uphold the principle cién mantener el prineipio de que that three marine miles extend- tres millas maritimas que se ing from the coast line outwards extiendan de la linea de la costa and measured from low—water hacia afuera y medidas desde la mark constitute the proper limits linea de la baja mar, constituyen of territorial waters. el liniite propio de las aguas territoria es.