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1886 EXTRADITION *r1a1cA'1‘Y-BULGARLL Maxon 19, 1924. .£*££I¤;*L°E’L._ Treaty between the United States and Bulgaria for the extradition of fugitives from justice. Signed at Sojia, March 19, 1924; ratyication advised by the Senate, May 12, 1924,· ratyied by the President, May 15, 1924; ragiyied by Bulgarikt, June 4, 1924; ratijications exchanged at Sojia, une 24, 1924; proclaimed June 26, 1924. Br rim Pxnsmnur or run Unrmn S·rA·rns or Ammuoa. A PROCLAMATION.

,E§§§?Qi_m°" Wim WHEREAS a Treaty between the United States of America and

P’°°m‘>‘°· Bulgaria providing for the extradition of fugitives from justice, was concluded anc. signed by their respective Plenipotentiaries at Soiia, on the nineteenth day of March, one thousand nine hundred and twenty-four, the original of which Treaty, being in the English and Bulgarian languages, is word for wor as fo lows: EXTRADITION TREATY between THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND BULGARIA. C°°m°“°g P°w°”` The United States of America and Bulgaria desiring to promote the cause of justice, have resolved to conc ude a treaty for the extradition of fugitives from justice between the two countries and mw mmm have appointed for that %urpose the following Plenipotentiaries: p° CVIAIIB PRESIDENT O THE UNITED TATES OF AMER- I Cliarles S. WILSON, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to Bulgaria, and HIS MAJ ESTY, THE KING OF THE BULGARIANS, Christo KALFOFF, Minister for Foreign Affairs and \Vorship of Bul aria, Vgho, after having) communicated to each other their respective full powers, found to e in good and due form, have agreed upon and concluded the following articles: ARTICLE I. ,y§,°{°;.Y§,°°§’},1,,,,;`ZliI}`ifi,' It is agreed that the Government of the United States and the "'*m°s· Government of Bulgaria shall, upon requisition duly made as herein provided, deliver up) to justice any iperson, who may be charged with, or ma have een convicted o , any of the crimes speci ed in Article II of the present Treaty committed within the jurisdiction of one of the High Contractingl Parties, and who shall seek an asylum or shall be ound within the territories of the other; provided that such surrender shall take place only upon such evidence of criminality, as according to the laws of the place where the fugitive or person so charged shall be found, would justify his apprehension and commitment for trial if the crime or offense had been there committed. .