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A PROCLAMATION. <`¤¤v¤*¢¤¤- WHEREAS, it is rovided by the Act of Congress a roved iiZi?3?l$I im. giarch entitllpéll "A}1;a Acttilto Amend End Conscsilidpte @a Acts espec p ",t thecopyrigtsecure teAct except the beneg-Lg under Section 1 (e) thereof as to wllfich special con tions are imposed, shall extend to the work of an author or proprietor who is a citizen or subject of a foreign state or nation, v¤¤.us.p.1¢m. to0nly_ upon certain conditions set forth in Section 8 of the said Act, r wit: (a) an alien author or proprietor shall be domiciled within the United States at the time of the first publication of his work; or (b)_When the foreign state or nation of which such author or . proprietor is a citizen or subject grants, either bg treaty, convention, agreement, or law, to citizens of the United tates the benefit of copyright on substantially the same basis as to its own citizens, or copyright protection substantially equal to the protection secured to su foreign author under this Act or by treaty; or when such foreign state or nation is a party to an international eement which provides for reciprocityjin the of copyrightfiry the terms of which agreement the nited tates may, at 1ts pleasiue, become a · party: thereto: A D WHEREAS it is provided by Section 1 (e) of the said Act of Congress approved March 4, 1909, that the provisions of the Act "so far as they secure copyright controlling the parts of instruments serving to reproduce mec anically the musical work, shall include only compositions published and copsyrgghted after this Act goes into effect, an shall not include the wor 0 a foreigp author or composer unless the ford? state or nation of which suc author or composer is a citizen or su ject giants, either by treat , convention, agreement or law, to citizens of the United States SlII1J.l' ar ri}ghts"; ‘ AND WHEREAS the President is authorized y the said Section 8 to determine by proclamation made from time to time the existence of the reciprocal conditions aforesaid, as the purposes of the Act may mre: m(kND WHEREAS satisfactorgo ofIicial_ assurances have been received that the Swiss Federal uncil has issued a decree dated September 26, 1924, declaring that citizens of the United States may obtain and since July 1, 1923, have been entitled to obtain copyright for their works in Switzerland which is substantially equal to the rotection afforded by the copyright laws of the United States, includixx rights similar to those provided b1yiSection `1 (e) of "‘ the ct of the United States aggiiwed arch 4, 1909. g.,,¤.¤,.;¤,,.,,; NO , REFORE, I, CALVIN LIDGE, President of

£ the United States of America do declare and proclaim _

nv~¤¤¤¤¤¤- That on and after July 1 1923, the conditions specified in Sections 8 (b) and 1 (e) of the Act of March 4, 1909, existed and were fulfilled in respect to the citizens of Switzerland and that citizens of Switzerland are and since July 1, 1923, have been entitled to `all the benefits of the Act of March 4, 1909, including Section 1 (e) thereof and the Acts amendatory of the said Act. ; Ceaditkns. PROVIDED that the enjoymentbliy any work of the rights and benefits conferred by the Act of arch 4, 1909, and e Acts amendatory thereof, shall be conditioned upon comphance with the requirements and formalities rescribed with respect to such works by the copyright laws of the Suited States.