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LNDEX. 2159 Louisiana-——Continued. P¤K¤· Lunau, Mary F. (widow), P¤8¢- lands in, to which no legal claims have pension increased ... 1395 been maintained, granted to Lunger, Catherine A. (widow), Shreveport for reservoir pur- pension 1476 poses 382 Lunger, Inlzzie (widow), may acquire bridge across Sabine River pension increased ,.. 1409 at Orange, Tex., to operate as a Lu ton’s Sons Company, David, free bridge ... 1093 &Gciency appropriation for installing tolls allowed for five years ... 1093 ventilators, Mines Bureau .. 1331 unappropriated erroneously surveyed Luth, Alice (widow), public lands in, to be sold .. 951 pension 1442 preference right of occupants culti- Lutsch, Johann Jacob, vating, etc., to make applica- land patent to .. 1369 tion to purchase .. 951 Luttrell, Cynthia (widow), proof of, to accompany .. 951 pension 1420 appraisal of value, exclusive of im- · Luttrell, Leona J. (widow), - provements by applicant ... 952 pension 1445 issue of patent, on paying appraised Luttrell, Marcus C., price, for such lands as applicant pension increased ... 1391 is entitled to . 952 Luxemburg, » J mineral rights, etc., reserved ... 952 appropriation for minister to .. 206, 1015 Louisiana and Texas Intracoastal Water- Luzerne County, Pa., way, time extended for bridging North improvement of, New Orleans to Gal- Branch of Susquehanna River, veston Bay, authorized 1187 Wilkes-Barre to Dorranceton, Louisiana State Highway Commission by ., 173 bridges authorized across Bayou Bar- Lydy, Josephine (widow), tholomew, at Vester Ferry, Ward pension 1403 Ferry, and Zachery Ferry, by Lyman County, S. Dak., Morehouse Parish, or . - 888 bridge authorized across Missouri River may bridge Ouachita River, Monroe, between Brule County and 3 La .. 791 Lynchburg, Va., Louisville, Ky., terms of court at ... 114 appro riation for post office building-- 777 Lyon, James Edward, Lovato, yosefa Uriaste de (widow), payment to, for personal injuries . 1578 pension 1487 Lyon, Sarah M. (widow), Love, William M., pension 1505 pension increased ... 1411 Lyons, James F., Loveless, Delia (widow), pension increased ... 1398 pension - - - - 1473 Lytle, William E., Loveman, Emanuel, pension ... - 1397 patent to heirs, etc., of, for lands in Alabama ... - . 1591 Lowell Street NW., D. C., M• appropriation for paving, Forty-fourth to Forty-fifth Streets .. 1223 M Street NW., D. C., Lower Brule Agency, S. Dak., appropriation for widening and repavin , appropriation for support, etc., of Twenty-ninth to Thirty-fiftg Indians at, from tribal funds-_ 411, 1161 Streets; from gasoline-tax fund- 1224 Lower Yellowstone Irrigation Project, Maas, Lieutenant Commander Charles O., Mont.-N. Dak., Naval Reserve Force, appropriation for maintenance, etc., voluntary service by, to be treated as of- ----------- . --..----.. 417 recall to active duty in his mili~ Lowndes County Ga., tai; record ---.---...--- - ----- 1275 may bridge '1`ombigbee River at Co- MacAdam, . H., lumbus ----.-.---.-------- ..-- 665 reimbursement to, for stolen postal Luce, Margaret M. (widow), funds ...- 1377 pension increased ------.--..---- 1439 McAdams, Anna R. (widow), Lucas, Francis M. (son), pension increased- --...------------- 1469 _-pension -------.-..-.-.--.---.. - 1443 McAdams, S. M., Ludington, Mich., may bridge Savannah River between bridge authorized across Pere Mar- Iva, S. C., and Elberton, Ga-- - 803 quette Lake, by -.-----...-... 25 McAllister Lieutenant E. J., Lukenbill, Julia (widow), payment to, for collision damages ----- 1542 pension ---..-..--.--..----. 1476 McAllister, James J ., ' Lumber River, deficiency appropriation for payment to 1330 bridge authorized across, near Nichols, payment to, authorized; release in full S. C -.-.---...- - . 12 required ---.---.-------.----- 1557 Lumber River, N. C., and S. C., McAllister Lighterage Line, preliminary examination, etc., of, to claim of, referred to district court ----- 1569 be made ---.. 1193 M cAndrew, Nellie Roche (widow), Lunacy Writs, D. C., pension -------.--- - -----.-----_-___ 1415 appropriation for expenses of execut- McAtee, John H. ing ----------------------- 566, 1240 military record, corrected ----- - ----___ 1362 deficiency appropriation for expenses MacCallum, R. B., of executing ... 677, 1322 payment to, for property damages----- 1588