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INDEX. 2273 Secretary of C'ommerce~—·Continued. P¤8¤· Secretary of State—Continued. P•¢•· authorized to repare exhibits of fish- statement of number of individuals of eries ind)ustry and commerce of various nationalities resident in United States for Seville Exposi- United States, as shown by tion __________ _ .,... - 1257 census of 1890, to be prepared report to company, in English, by Secretaries of Commerce, Spanishfgand Portuguese lan- 1257 hLaibo;·ha2;l, jointly . - .. guages ,____,_._. - met o o e rmming determination of quota for admission of with Secretary of Commerce, estabaliens based on ratio of nation- lished as National Sesquicentenality in United States in 1920, to nial Exhibition Commission for be made jointly by Secretaries of celebration of one hundred and State, Labor, and . 159 fiftieth anniversary of signing the duties, etc., of under Upper Mississippi Declaration of Independence--- 1253 River Wild Life and Fish Refuge Secretary of the Interior, ActI;f_ "éd ... f .. { -.6-- 650 appropriation for, Assistants, and 065;;:31 1141 powers co err upon or pro ec ion ersonne ..._.,.,_ of Alaska sa1m0r%§sl:ieri¢§--iB.-? 464 auth0r£ed E0 lascquire lands foci Aniieri- , statement of number o in ivi ua o can a reservoir on ini oka Ii}aric:&s rérztitonalities relsident gn irrilgation Pr§ject,I§r•;;i11éands of nit a es as s own y n ians 0 ort a eservacensus of 1890, to be rirgepared bay tion, Idaho ..._... 117 · Secretaries of State, bor, an , determine area recommended to be gogntlyé .. acqugred fo: nafiolnsl pagirs in met o 0 etermining sout ern ppa ac ian ounwith Secretary of State established as tains ..._.._.____ 958 lljiationg. Sesquicentiennial Igxhg- receive offers of démations, secure iion ommission or cee ra - options etc. an report to oning the one hundred and fiftieth gress- -;-- _: .__._____ 959 anniversary of signing the Decla- appoint a commission, to serve S ratiggbof Independence 1253 without; éiolxgirgensation, for purecretary 0 or poses 0 ’ ct .._,.__._, 959 appropriation fiir, Assistants, and ofiiggg 1048 amount authorized for options, exersonne . · penses etc ._.._..________ 959 determiifationbof ciiuota for adngission of ’ .establish aby}stem of vocational eduaiens ase on ra io o na ion- cation 0 abori `nal t' es of ality in United States in 1920, Alaska, schools,glhospii:1g,ldYetc-- 978 to tgt; ined?} jointly by Segjetaries 159 extend tgnle for tptaying charglesdaco a e ommerce an .. crue y wa r users on n ian selection of sitia for Indu trial Institu— lands ________________________ 116 tion for Women by Attorney lease lands near mineral springs, etc., Geéieral, Secretary of Interior, 473 fogbgthhtmznésesf hotels, etc--H.-- 1133 an .. 2 .. pay a ju ics. caims ror ro c- statement of number of individuals of tion of minerals, etc.,pdurii1g various nationalities resident in ‘ World War _,._ _ ______________ 634 United States, as shown by Stevens and Ferry Counties, census of 1890, to be prepared Wash., for taxes on Colville by Secretaries of State, Com- Indian allotments _____________ 599 merce, and, jointly 160 prepare exhibits of the various activi- S method of determining 160 gss lof gre Department for the ecretary 0 tate vile position .._..._...___ 1257 appropr£tion ior 205, 1014 report to accompany, in English, for Underfecretary, and office pgk;5 1014 Spanish, and Portuguese lansonne guages .. , ..._...,._._____ 1257 authorized to acquire additional land, I sell a tract of land in Pittsburgh Pa- 985 construct buildings, etc., at submit plans, etc., for designated irri-

1`okyo, Japan, for foreign serv- gation projects ____ _ ___________ 668

ICG use . : _ -: ... 961 refund to veterans payments on reamoitrnt authorized taddmona.1 to ‘ 961 linquished units of reclamation ormer appropria ion .. · projects - . 956 customs officers afigned tod fgreigi? retain_1ri>y‘a(lties, glffhfrom gas land pos s may e rejec e Ol an s in a oma sout o designation deemed prejudihial the Red River _,______ _ _______ 1302 d te to publ1cPol1cy{--f J -:-:-- 748 authoriltyr of, for production, etc., of 11 e rmma ion o quo a or a mission e num gas _._____,___,_______ 11 of Valieriz based {xsi ggtio of citizenwplcrgtificatles to be issued byi naionaiym me aesm nian oni terito' 1920, to be made jointly by limits of Usnitecii Statics-; ---11.% 253 Seciretaries of Commerce, Labor, 159 directedaao ilnstitute fprjiceecgnégs to es- BH . .. ... is title o United States to duties of, relating to _ International naval oil reserve number one in Exposition at Seville, Spain 1256 California ,.______._,_.___,__ _ 15