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3036 REVISION, GENERAL ACT OF BERLIN, ETC. SEPT. 10, 1919. And: Plenipotentiaries- Continued. for the DOMINION OF CANADA: The Honorable Sir ALBERT EDWAUD KEMP, K, C. M . G ., Minister of the Overseas Forces; Commercial Ity. for the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTUALlA: The Honorable GEORGE FOSTEU PEARCE, Minister of Defence; for the UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA: The Right Honorable Viscount MILNER, G. C . B., G. C . M. G.; for the DOMINION OF NEW ZEALAND: The Honorable Sir THOMAS MACKENZIE, K. C. M . G., High Commissioner for New Zealand in the United Kingdom; for INDIA: The Right Honorable Baron SINHA, K. C ., Under-Secretary of State for India; THE PUESIDENT OF THE FRENCH REPUBLIC: l\fr. GEORGES CLEMENCEAU, President of the Council, Minister of 'Var; Mr. STEPHEN PICHON, Minister for Foreign Affairs; Mr. LOUIS-LuCIEN KLOTZ, Minister of Finance; Mr. ANDRE TARDIEU, Commissary-General for Franco-American Military Affairs; Mr. JULES CAMBON, Ambassador of France; HIS MAJESTY THE KING OF ITALY: The Honorable TOMMASO TrIToNI, Senator of the Kingdom, Minister for Foreign Affairs; The Honorable VITTORIO SCIALOJA, Senator of the Kingdom; The Honorable MAGGIORINO FERRAUIS, Senator of the Kingdom; The Honorable GUGLIELMO MARCONI, Senator of the Kingdom; The Honorable SILVIO CRESPI, Deputy; HIS MAJESTY THE EMPEROR OF JAPAN: Viscount CHINDA, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipoten- tiary of H. M . the Emperor of Japan at London; Mr. K . MATSUI, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of H. M . the Emperor of Japan at Paris; Mr. H. IJUIN, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of H. M . the Emperor of Japan at Rome; THE PRESIDENT OF THE PORTUGUESE REPUBLIC: Dr. AFFONSO DA COSTA, formerly President of the Council of Ministers; Dr. AUGUSTO LUIZ VIEIRA SOARES, formerly Minister for Foreign Affairs; Who, after having communicated their full powers recognized in good and due form, Have agreed as follows: ARTICLE 1 equal- The Signatory Powers undertake to maintain between their re- spective nationals and those of States, Members of the League of Nations, which may adhere to the present Convention a complet~ commercial equality in the territories under their authority within the area defined by Article 1 of the General Act of Berlin of Feb- ruary 26, 1885, set out in the Annex hereto, but subject to the reservation specified in the final paragraph of that article.