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3040 REVISION, GENERAL ACT OF BERLIN, ETC. SEPT. 10,1919. 8uppres., lon or slav- conditions. They will, in particular, endeavor to secure the complete ery. suppression of slavery in all its forms and of the black slave trade by land and sea. stl~:i~~s~' ete" in- They will protect and favor, without distinction of nationality or of religion, the religious, scientific or charitable institutions and undertakings created and organized by the nationals of the other Signatory Powers and of States, Members of the League of Nations, which may adhere to the present Convention, which aim at leading Scientific missions. the natives in the path of progress and civilization. Scientific missions, their outfits and their collections, shall likewise be the objects of special solicitude. scTarmstroBot (talk) 16:49, 19 November 2014 (UTC):d~~. o~;~~: Freedom of conscience and the free exercise of all forms of religion teed. are expressly guaranteed to all nationals of the Signatory Powers and to those of the States, Members of the League of Nations, which arl!s~hts or mis~ion- may become parties to the present Convention. Accordingly, mis- sionaries shall have the right to enter into, and to travel and reside in, African territory with a view to pursuing their religious work. Foregoing,subject to Th l' t' ftl . . ftht d' I public order provisions. e app Ica IOn 0 1e prOVISIOns 0 ,e wo prece Ing paragrap 1S Settlement of dis- putes. Designated Acts, etc., abrogated. Vol. '1:1, p. 886. shall be subject only to such restrictions as Illay be necessary for the maintenance of public security and order, or as may result from the enforcement of the constitutional law of any of the Powers exercising authority in African territories. ARTICLE 12 The Signatory Powers agree that if any dispute whatever should arise between them relating to the application of the present Con- vention which cannot be settled by negotiation, this dispute shall be submitted to an arbitral tribunal in conformity with the provisions of the Covenant of the League of Nations. ARTICLE 13 Except in so far as the stipulations contained in Article 1 of the present Convention are concerned, the General Act of Berlin of 26th February, 1885, and the General Act of Brussels of 2nd July, 1890, with the accompanying Declaration of equal date, shall be considered as abrogated, in so far as they are binding between the Powers which are Parties to the present Convention. ARTIOLE 14 ex~eslonRu~fb:;t~ States exercising authority over African territories, and other over A~CBD territory. States, Members of the League of Nations, which were parties either to the Act of Berlin or to the Act of Brussels or the Declaration annexed thereto, may adhere to the present Convention. The Signatory Powers will use their best endeavors to obtain the adhesion of these States. Notices, etc. This adhesion shall be notified through the diplomatic channel to the Government of the French RepUblic, and by it to all the Signatory or adhering States. The adhesion will come into force from the date of its notification to the French Government.