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SPECIAL CLAIMS SETTLEMENT-MEXICO. APRIL 24,1934. 3071 Oonvention between tlte United States oj America and :Afexico providing _~~prIl24, 1934. jor en bloc settlement oj special claims. Signed at :Afexico Oity, April 24, 1934; ratification adt'ised by the Senate, June 15, 1934; ratijied by the President oj the United States, November 27, 1934; ratijied by Mexico, Not'ember 23, 1934; mtifications exchanged at Mexico Oity, December 13, 1934; proclaimed, December 22, 1934. By THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. A PROCLAMATION. WHEREAS a Convention between the United States of America and MTarmstroBot (talk)v~:;Ic:3ngW}~ the United Mexican States providing for the en bloc settlement of the ~~:~I~I=~ement claims presented by the Government of the United States to the Com- Preamble. mission established by the Special Claims Convention concluded September 10, 1923, was concluded and signed by their respective Vol. 42 , p.1722. Plenipotentiaries at Mexico City on the twenty-fourth day of April, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-four, the original of which Convention, being in the English and Spanish languages, is word for word as follows: CONVENTION COVERING THE EN BLOC SETTLEMENT OF THE CLAIMS PRESENTED BY THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES TO THE COM- MISSION ESTABLISHED BY THE SPECIAL CLAIMS CON- VENTION CONCLUDED SEP- TEMBER 10, 1923. The United States of America and the United Mexican States, desiring to settle and adjust amica- bly the claims comprehended by the terms of the Special Claims Convention concluded by the two Governments on the 10th day of September, 1923, without resort to the method of international adjudication provided by the said agreement, have decided to enter into a Convention for that pur- pose, and to this end have nomi- nated as their Plenipotentiaries: The Presideut of the United States: The Honorable Josephus Dan- iels, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America III Mexico, and CONVENCION RELATIVA AL ARREGLO GLOBAL DE LAS RE- CLAMACIONES PRESENTADAS POR EL GOBIERNO DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS ANTE LA COMISION CREADA POR LA OONVENCION ESPECIAL DE RECLAMACIONES CELEBRADA EL 10 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 1923. Los Estados Unidos de America y los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, deseando arreglar y ajustar ami- gablemente las reclamaciones comprendidas dentro de las dis- posiciones de la Convenci6n Es- pecial de Reclamaciones cele- brada entre ambos Gobiernos el dia 10 de septiembre de 1923, sin recurrir al sistema de arbitraje internacional establecido en dicho Convenio, han resuelto celebrar una Convenci6n con tal fin, y al efecto han nombrado como sus Plenipotenciarios: El Presidente de los Estados Unidos: Al Honorable Josephus Dan- iels, Embajador Extraordinario y Plenipotenciario de los Estados Unidos en Mexico, y Contracting Powers. Plenipotentiaries.