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MULTILATERAL-'VHALING REGULATION. SEPT. 24, 1931. 2. Every factory, whether on shore or afloat, used for treating the carcases of whales shall be equipped with adequate apparatus for the extraction of oil flOm the blubber, flesh and bones. 3. In the case of whales brought on shore, adequate arrangements shall be made for utilising the residues after the oil has been extracted. Article 7. 3087 . d Vessel gunners and Gunners and crews of whalmg vessels shall be engage on terms crews; remuneration. such that their remuneration shall depend to a considerable extent upon such factors as the size, species, value and yield of oil of whales taken, and not merely upon the number of whales taken, in so far as payment is made dependent on results. Article 8. No vessel of any of the High Contracting Parties shall engage in taking or treating whales unless a licence authorising such vessel to engage therein shall have been granted in respect of such vessel by the High Contracting Party, whose flag she flies, or unless her owner or charterer has notified the Government of the said High Contract- ing Party of his intention to employ her in whaling and has received a certificate of notification from the said Government. Nothing in this article shall prejudice the right of any High Con- tracting Party to require that, in addition, a licence shall be required from his own authorities by every vessel desirous of using his tf'!mtory or territorial waters for the purposes of taking, landing or treating whales, and such licence may be refused or may be made subject to such conditions as may be deemed by such High Contracting Party to be necessary or desirable, whatever the nationality of the vessel maybe. Article 9. The geographical limits within which the articles of this Conven- tion are to be applied shall include all the waters of the world, includ- ing both the high seas and territorial and national waters. Article 10. Licenses, etc. Geographical limits. 1. The High Contracting Parties shall obtain, with regard to the ti~~o~~:TarmstroBot (talk)aTarmstroBot (talk)a­ vessels flying their flags and engaged in the taking of whales, the most complete biological information practicable with regard to each whale taken, and in any case on the following points: (a) Date of taking; (b) Place of taking; (c) Species; (d) Sex; (e) Length; measured, when taken out of water; estimated, if cut up in water; (j) When fcetus is present, length and sex if ascertainable; (g) 'Vhen practicable, information as to stomach contents.