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MULTILATERAL-"TJIALING REGULATION. SEPT. 24:,1931. 2. The length referred to in sub-paragraphs (e) and (j) of this article shall be the length of a straight line taken from the tip of the snout to the notch between the flukes of the tail. Article 11. 3089 Each High Contracting Party shall obtain from all factories, on w:~~tlCS to be fur- land or afloat, under his jurisdiction, returns of the number of whales of each species treated at each factory and of the amounts of oil of each grade and the quantities of meal, guano and other products derived from them. Article 12. Each of the High Contracting Parties shall communicate statistical teTarmstroBot (talk):a1iss:~~ ~~; information regarding all whaling operations under their jurisdiction Wbaling Statistics. to the International Bureau for Whaling Statistics at Oslo. The infor- Contents. mation given shall comprise at least the particulars mentioned in Article 10 and: (1) the name and tonnage of each floating factory; (2) the number and aggregate tonnage of the whale catchers; (3) a list of the land stations which were in operation during the period concerned. Such information shall be given at convenient intervals not longer than one year. Article 13. 1· . f H'h . P Extent of obli!(ation The ob IgatIon 0 a Ig Contractmg arty to take measures to to en:,l!re ohservance of hb fh d·. fh C· conditions. ensure teo servance 0 t e con ItlOns 0 t e present onventlOn in his territories and territorial waters, and by his vessels, shall not apply to those of his territories to which the Convention does not apply, and the territorial waters adjacent thereto, or to vessels regis- tered in such territories. Article 14-. Th . hFhdElish . Open ror ~i!!llalure e present ConventIon, t e rene an ng texts of which until !\fnr. 31 , 1\132. shall both be authoritative, shall remain open until the thirty-first of March 1932 for signature on behalf of any Member of the League of Nations or of any non-member State. Article 15. The present Convention shall be ratified. The instruments of ratification shall be deposited with the Secretary-General of the League of Nations, who shall notify their receipt to all Members of the League of Nations and non-member States indicating the dates of their deposit. Article 16. Ratification. Af hfi fA'I Mbf Le Accession of non- S rom t e rst 0 pn 1932, any .I. em er 0 the ague of signatorypowers. Nations and any non-member State, on whose behalf the Convention has not been signed before that date, may accede thereto.