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3140 Record of dll!Cl'ep- ancies. PARCEL POST AGREEMENT-MALAYA. 2. In the case of any discrepancies or irregularities in a mail, such record shall be kept as will permit of the furnishing of information regarding the matter in connection with any subsequent investigation or claim for indemnity which may be made. Duplicate parcel bill. 3. If a parcel bill is missing a duplicate shall be made out and a copy sent to the despatching office of exchange from which the despatch was received. Notation of evident 4. Insured parcels bearing evidence of violation or damage must damage, etc. have the facts noted on them and be marked with the stamp of the office making the note, or document drawing attention to the viola- tion or damage must be forwarded with the parcels. Customs formalities. xv. FEES FOR DELIVERY AND FOR CUSTOMS FORMALITIES DEMURRAGE CHARGES. 1. The Post Office of the country of destination may collect from the addressee for delivery and for the fulfillment of customs formali- ties a charge not exceeding fifteen cents gold for each parcel, and an additional delivery charge of like amount for each time a parcel is presented at the residence of the addressee after one unsuccessful presentation. Cancelledifreturned. 2. Each Post Office may impose reasonable storage or demurrage charges in the case of the addressee failing to accept delivery of any parcel within such reasonable time as is prescribed by the Post Office of the country of destination. Any such charges as may be pre- scribed shall be cancelled in the event of the return of the parcel to the country of origin. . XVI. Redirection. REDIRECTION. Charges specified. 1. Any parcel redirected within the country of destination or de- livered to an alternate addressee at the original office of addre~ shall be liable to such additional charges as may be prescribed by the Post Office.of that country. Collecting new fees. 2. When a parcel is redirected to either country, new postage as well as new iIl$urance fees, in the case of insured parcels (which when redirected, must be despatched in the same kind of mails as received, that is, insured mails), may, if not prepaid, be collected upon delivery and re~ained ?y the Post Office makmg the collection. The Post Office malnng delIvery shall fix the amount of such fees and postage when not prepaid. Restoration, etc. , on 3. Insured parcels sliall not be forwarded or returned to another forwarding to any other 1h bef d d' . country. country un es,s t ey may . o rwar ed or returne as msured mall. Senders may indorse insured parcels "Do not forward to a third country", in which event the parcels shall not be forwarded to any other country. Unless such parcels are indorsed to indicate that the senders do not wish them .forwarded to any other country other than that of mailing or w~thin the co,?-ntry of original address, they may be forwarded to a thIrd country If they can be forwarded as insured mail. Im;ured parcels may be returned to the sender in a third coun- try in accordance with a return address on the parcels if they can be Anit, p. 3l3i . returned as insured mail. In case of the loss, rifling or damage of an insured parcel forwarded or returned to a third country indem- nity will be paid only in accordance with the stipulations of Article XII, paragraph 3 of this Agreement.