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PARCEL POST AGREEMENT-MALAYA. XVII. January 21. 19M. March 22. 1931). POSTAL CHAnGES OTHER THA:N THOSE PRESCRIBED NOT To BE CoLLECTED. 3141 Other cbarJes. 1. The parcels to which this agreement applies shall not be sub- Collection not aJ. • lowed. Jected to any postal charges other than th~e contemplated by the different artIcles hereof. XVIII. RECALL AND CHANGE OF ADDRESS. An incoming parcel cannot be recalled nor can it be delivered at ad~1 and clIan&e fII an address other than that written on the l>arcel. Exceptionally, ess. this rule shall not apply to a parcel which IS undeliverable at the original address (or at an alternative address if one is furnished) owmg to the absence of the addressee or any other cause; such par- cels may, subject to the provision of this Agreement, at the request of the sender or the addressee be delivered at another address. XIX. NONDELlVERY. Nondelivery. 1. In the absence of a request by the sender to the contrary a par- Return to sender. cel which cannot be delivered shall be returned to the sender, with- out previous notification. New postage, as well as new insurance, Ne~postage. etc. , fees in the case of insured parcels (which be returned in the requ . same kind of mail as received), may be collected from the sender and retained by the Post Office making the collection. 2. The sender of a parcel may request, at the time of mailing, that all~estsfromsender if a parcel cannot be delivered as addressed, it shall be either (a) ow. treated as abandoned, or (b) tendered for delivery at a second ad- dress in the country of destination. No other alternative i$ admis- sible.. If the sender avails himself of this facility, his request must appear on the parcel or on a despatch note or customs declaration attached to or stuck to the parcel and must be in conformity with or analogous to one of the following form: " If not deliverable as addres,ged ______________________________ _ ______ ______ 'abandon '." " If not deliverable as addressed ______________________________ _ ___________ _ ' deliver to ____________ '." 3. Except as otherwise provided, undeliverable parcels will be Ti~e for retumblc returned to the senders at the expiration of thirty days from the undeltverable parcels. date of receipt at the post office of destination, while refused par- cels shall be returned at once, the parcels in each case to be marked to show the reason for nondelivery. 4. Articles liable to deterioration or corruption, and these only, t'ale of perishable may, however, be sold immediately even on the outward or return artlCes. journey, without previous notice or judicial formality for the benefit of the right party. If for any reason a sale is impossible the spoilt or worthless arti- D~troyed. if sale im· cles shall be destroyed. The sale or destruction shall be recorded and posSible. report made to the PO$t Office of origin. 5. Undeliverable parcels which the sender has marked "Abandon " u!~~ .. lfbanTarmstroBot (talk) 17:06, 19 November 2014 (UTC)!e5 may be sold at auction at the expiration of .thirty days, but in case such disposition is made of insured parcels proper record will be made and the Post Office of the country of or~n notified as to the disposition made of the parcels. The Post Office of the country of Kotice to be given. ori~in shall al$o be notified when for any reason an insured parcel WhICh is not delivered is not returned to the country of origin.