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PARCEL POST AGREKMENT-MALAYA. XXIV. • \CCOCXTING. January 21. 1935. March 2~, 1935. Accounting. 8148 1. Ter'minal parcel.s: At the ('nd of each quarter the creditor coun- Terminal parcels. try shall prepare an account of the amount due to it in respect of the parcels received in excess of those despatched. ~. l'ran.sit pa,;,cel.s: Each Post Oflice shall also prepare quarterly Transit parcels. un account showing the sums due for parcels sent by the other Post Oilice for onward transmission. ~ 3. These accounts shall be submitted to the examination of the Aecollnts . submitted corrC.,:pomlillg Post Ollice in the course of the lHonth which fol- toexammahon. lo\\'s the quarter to which they relate. 4. The com pilat ion, transmission, Ycrification and acceptance of Vtlrification, etc. the accounts llm;;t lw effecteci as early as po;,:sible and the payment resulting from the balance must he made the Ir.test before the end of the following quarter. 5. Payment of the balance due on these accounts between the two Paymentorbalanoes. Post Offices shull be effected by meaw; of drafts on New York or in any other manner which may be agreed upon mutually by corre- spondence between the two Pu<.,t o flk e:-: , the ('xpensc attendallt on the payment being at the churge of the illdebted Po::;t Offi~. xxv. l\L-\TTER5 ~OT PUOY1DED FOR IX TIlE AGREE:\[E"",T. lI.1atters not provided fOf. 1. All matters conceming the exchange of parcels, the obtaining Appli~tion of other .1 d' . . f . f' did h I cnnvcnllons. anu lSposltIOn 0 return receIpts or lllsure puree s an t e uc- justment of indemnity claims III connection therewith not c.overed by this Agreeme~t shall be g?verned by the p~ovisions of t}le Uni- versal Postal Umon ConventIOn and the DetaIled RegulatIOns for Vol. 46 , p. 2S~. its Execution, in so far as they are applicable and not inconsistent with the provisions of this Agreement, and then if no other ar- rangement has been made, the internal legislation, regulations and rulings of the United States of America and Malaya, according to the country involved, shall govern. 2. The Postmaster-G('l1cral of the United States of America and Furtht'r provisions the Director-General of Posts and Telegraphs, Malaya, shall have authorized. authority jointly to make from time to time by correspondence such changes and modifications and further regulations of order and de- tnil as may become necessary to facilitate the operation of the serv- ice contemplated by this AgrE'ement as well as t.o provide arrange- ments for the registration of parcel post packages and for the exchange of parcels subject to collect on delivery charges, should both countries at any time desire either or both of these services. 3. The Post Offices shall communicate t.o each other from time to time the provisions of their laws or regulations applicable to the conveyance of parcels by parcel post. XXVI. DURATION OJ. -' A GREElIENT. Duration ot Agree- ment. 1. This Agreement substitutes and abrogates that signed at Wash- Prior agreement ab- ington on the tenth day of January, one thousand nine hundred and rogate<l. twenty-nine and at Kuala Lumpur on the twentieth day of October, Etlectivedate. one thousand nine hundred and twenty-eight and shall take effect and operations thereunder shall begin on a date to be mutually settled between the Post Offices of the two countries.