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th!~:bO! ~~r~dc!,~r! 3. When the reforwarding involves the dispateh of a parcel to a try. third country and if the amount credited to the retransmitting Ad- ministration is insufficient to cover the expenses of retransmIssion which it has to d{'fray, the retransmitting Administration allows to the Administration to which it forwards the parcel the credits due it; it then recovers the amount of the deficiency by claiming it from the office of exchange from whch the missent parcel was directly received. The reason for this claim is notified to the Iatrer by means of a Bul1etin of Verification. ('hnJl(e.<'. xxr. RECEPTAClES. Each Administration shall provide the bags necessary for the dis- patch of its parcels. The bags shall be returned empty to the coun· try of origin by the next mail. Empty bags shall be made up in bundles of ten (nine bags enclo:,;ed in one) ad the total number of such bags shall be advised on the parcel bill. XXII. CHARGES. Terminal credits. 1. For each parcel, ordinary or insured, sent to the Windward WlnOW:lrd Isbmis. Islands payment shall be made as follows: For parcels weighing not over 11 pounds, 1 franc gold, For parcels over 11 up to 22 pounds, 2 francs gold, {"Ilill"! S:ate. ' . For each parcel, ordinary or insured, sent to the United States oj America; payments shall be made as follows: (j cents per pound, based on the bulk net ,veight of each dispatch. Modifi(:atioDS ..1· These terminal charges may be reduced or increased on 3 months lowed. previous notice given by one country to the other. These reductiOn! or increases shall hold good for at least one year. Si!IU'~:S ~~ aa pTarmstroBot (talk) 2. The amounts to be allowed in respect to parcels sent from OIl( country. Administration to the other for onward transmission to a possessioIJ of either country, or to a third country shall be fixed by the inter· mediary Admimstration. . ('h=~(\rinv. unPl·id 3. On every parcel returned or redirected unpaid by one of the tW( Administrations to the other, the returning or retransmitting Admin· istration shall be entitled to recover from the other Anministration : (a) The charges prescribed by section 1 above; (b) The charges for reforwarding or return. In case of reforwarding or return to a third :?ountry, the charge~ mentioned shall follow the parcel, but in caEe the third country con cerned refuses to assume the charges because they cannot be collcctec from the addressee or sender, as the case may be, or for any othel reason, they shall be charged back to the country of origin. In the case of a parcel returned or reforwarded unpaid in tran~ij through one of the two Administrations to or from the other, the in· termediary office may claim also the sum due to it for any additionai territorial or sea service provided, together with any amounts due t( any other Administration or Administrations concerned. Relenli(ln or rOO!!. 4. Except as provided in this Article, ('nch Administration shall kee'p the whole of the sums which it collects by virtue of the variom artIcles of this Agr{'cment. Accounting. Terminal parcels. XXIII. ACCOUNTING. 1. Terminal parcels. At the end of each quarter the creditor Administration shall pre· pare an account of the amount due to it in respect of the. parceh r(l('piv{'d in excess of those dispat ched.