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Office International d’Hygiène Publique (either directly or indirectly through the regional bureaus with which it has made agreements for this purpose) the discovery in its territory of the actual existence of yellow fever in the above-mentioned form.


Provisions Concerning Regions in Which Yellow Fever is Discovered or Exists in the Endemic Form

article 38

Provisions governing infected regions.
Ante, p. 3281.
Post, p. 3299
Notwithstanding article 4 of the present convention and subject to the terms of article 46 hereafter, every aerodrome which receives aircraft to which article 1, I, second paragraph, applies and which is situated in a region, that is to say, a part of a territory, in which yellow fever exists in a form clinically or biologically recognizable, shall become a sanitary aerodrome as defined in the present convention and, in addition, shall be—

(a) situated at an adequate distance from the nearest inhabited center;

(b) provided with arrangements for a water supply completely protected against mosquitoes, and kept as free as possible from mosquitoes by systematic measures for the suppression of breeding places and the destruction of the insects in all stages of development;

(c) provided with mosquito-proofed dwellings for the crews of the aircraft and for the staff of the aerodrome;

(d) provided with a mosquito-proofed dwelling in which passengers can be accommodated or hospitalized when it is necessary to apply the measures specified in articles 42 and 44 below.