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by mutual agreement, aerodromes which are not anti-amaril aerodromes, for the needs of aerial navigation exclusively between these territories.


Provisions in Respect of Territories or Regions in Which Yellow Fever Does Not Exist, but in Which There May Be Conditions Which Permit of Its Development

article 47

Uninfected regions, but possible of development. In territories or regions where yellow fever does not exist, but where there may be conditions which permit of its development, the measures which may be taken on the arrival of an aircraft at a sanitary aerodrome are the following:

1. Inspection of aircraft and cargo to insure that they do not contain mosquitoes, and, if necessary, disinsectization;

2. Medical examination of passengers and crew to ascertain that they are free from symptoms of yellow fever.

If a person is suspected to be suffering from yellow fever, or if it has not been established, to the satisfaction of the sanitary authority of the aerodrome, that a person has completed a period of 6 days since possible exposure to infection, he may be subjected to observation either within the precincts of the aerodrome or elsewhere, under conditions approved by the sanitary authority, for a period not exceeding 6 days, reckoned from the last day on which that person could have been infected.

article 48

Measures taken by signatories.

The High Contracting Parties undertake, save in exceptional circumstances which will require to be justified, not to invoke sanitary reasons for prohibiting the landing in the territories referred to in article 47 of aircraft